Dreaming About Frogs When Pregnant

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: April 16, 2019
Dreaming About Frogs When Pregnant

Whether it is in the form of a banjo playing puppet, crossing the road in an arcade game or even just stuck in your throat, frogs are everywhere. One unexpected place for a frog to appear might be your dream. There are many reasons frogs might apear in your dream and it doesn't matter if you are a man, woman or frog yourself. However, many women in particular find themselves dreaming of frogs when they are pregnant. What might this mean? If you are pregnant, the future is certainly on your mind and frogs can say a lot about our hopes and fears for times to come. But don't worry, these are normal concerns for any expectant mother and oneHOWTO is at hand to help understand dreaming about frogs when pregnant.

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  1. Frogs and Fertility
  2. Stepping on Frogs
  3. Catching a frog
  4. Frog in mouth
  5. Frog in water
  6. Frogs flying
  7. Giant frogs
  8. Toads
  9. Frog hopping

Frogs and Fertility

In many cultures, such as Ancient Egypt, frogs came to symbolize fertility. This is understandable when we consider how frogs breed. They release frog spawn which comes in a big bunch of black spotted eggs. Then these eggs turn to tadpoles and eventually frogs. Lots of us study them at school as kids, so it is understandable frogs are bumping around in our subconscious.

This is the main reason you are dreaming of frogs while pregnant - you are pregnant! If you dream of storks, elephants or many other animals associated with birth and fertility, it is likely because you are thinking about rearing your own young. This means that even when you are asleep your soon-to-be-born is on your mind.

You may find that some of these frog dreams come with some other imagery. Some may be pleasant, some strange or some even scary. These are all natural and represent the mixed feelings many parents have about their future children. You will have many feelings about your responsibilities as a care giver as well as excitement about the joy which will happen. Dreaming of frogs will simply be representative of these feelings as our subconscious deals with our thoughts as we sleep.

However, there are some particular signs dreaming of frogs while pregnant might represent, so let's take a further look:

Stepping on Frogs

Stepping on frogs in your dream can often be related by anxiety. Like in the biblical book of Exodus or the Hollywood film Magnolia, a plague of frogs falling from the sky is associated with wrath and pestilence. If you have a dream where frogs are falling from the sky and there are so many around you end up stepping on them, perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities you will have.

Raising a child is a great responsibility, one of the greatest, so if you dream of stepping on frogs when pregnant, it is likely you are concerned. It doesn't mean you are going to be a bad parent, it is a natural concern all parents have.

Catching a frog

Dreaming of catching a frog when pregnant can have some significance also. It may mean you are excited to meet the responsibility. It could also be related to the period before you got pregnant. If you had been trying for a baby for a certain amount of time, then catching a frog in your dream might represent your success. In many ancient cultures, it was thought that when a woman of child bearing age saw a frog, it would mean she would soon be pregnant.

Catching frogs in dreams have also been linked to partners. If you are not pregnant, but you have been catching a frog in your dream, perhaps you are looking for a suitable partner to become pregnant with. Maybe you are just looking or maybe you have already found them.

Frog in mouth

Many people have the common dream of having a frog in their mouth. While we talk about people having a frog in their throat, it is more about having a raspy voice caused by illness. Having a frog in your mouth when you dream is more about feeling unable to say anything. If you have this dream while pregnant, it could be a sign you have fears but are unable to express them. It could be a good opportunity to talk to a partner or a close friend about these fears.

Dreaming About Frogs When Pregnant - Frog in mouth

Frog in water

Dreaming of a frog in water is again very linked to fertility. Frogs start in water as frogspawn, then become tadpoles before eventually forming into frogs. Human babies are grown in fluid, so there are parallels.

To know what dreaming of frogs in water means will have more to do with what the frogs are doing. Some cultures see frogs in water as a sign of luck, so if they are happy and playing around it probably represents your hope for your child's future. They are going to be sociable, happy and have a bright future.

If the frogs in water are behaving erratically and/or are fighting each other, you might have the fear that your child will not adjust well to an often difficult world. Again, this is a healthy fear as you want to make sure children have the best life possible.

Frogs flying

If you are dreaming of frogs flying while pregnant, this is a mixture of two futures together. When we dream of flying, we often dream of aspirations and hopes. This is often in relation to our work, ambitions and personal relationships. We want to reach our goals and fly high, so dreaming of flying can often be hopeful.

If we dream of flying frogs when pregnant, we are probably applying these hopes and aspirations to our children. We hope that our experience with our children will reach new heights of happiness. We also hope that the future for our children will be one where they are successful, happy and free. Like a flying frog.

Giant frogs

If you dream about giant frogs when pregnant, then you are probably having a very common worry. A giant frog likely represents a giant responsibility and perhaps you are worried you will not be able to meet it. Again, this is a common concern, so it is healthy to dream of these things to some extent. It means you want the best for your child.

You should also pay attention to what frogs say in your dreams. This may have something to do with your subconscious concerns, but also know that they can be very difficult to discern. In dreams, sometimes everything is upside down. Good omens can seem bad and vice versa. More often than not, our dreams are simply bringing to us a concern and we should work on tackling our anxiety. This way we might rest more easily and have sweeter dreams in the process.


Toads are a type of frog which are often bigger and appear bumpier. Although there are many different types of frog, toads are set apart in our minds often by their ugliness. Toads have warts and bumps, wider mouths and are thought to be found more on land.

If you dream of big ugly toads while pregnant, it is possibly a concern you have about your future child's beauty. Just remember that their health and happiness as a person is much more important than their appearance. Even if they do actually look like a toad and they should still be loved.

Frog hopping

Frogs are known for their hopping abilities, jumping across from one lily pad to the other. If we dream about frogs jumping or hopping, this signifies opportunities for the future. Perhaps bring a baby into the work will mean there are other new opportunities you should take aim for. It is often the case that having a baby changes all other aspects of your life, such is the responsibility.

Of course, being pregnant and having a baby is a giant leap in itself. If you dream of frogs hopping, it could just be your mind preparing yourself for the big change coming up ahead.

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Dreaming About Frogs When Pregnant