What Does It Mean When You Dream of Rain?

By Mary Smith. March 15, 2021
What Does It Mean When You Dream of Rain?

Rain is a natural phenomenon that is often used in movies or literature as a form of pathetic fallacy. This is because rain can be very evocative, often related to the grey clouds which cover the sky when it is raining. Similarly, when rain appears in our dreams, it can be related to how we are feeling. But it doesn't simply mean gray skies in our dreams mean we are sad. There is more to consider since rain can have various meanings and interpretations in our dreams.

At oneHOWTO, we ask what does it mean when you dream of rain? We show different contexts in which you might dream of rain, but we also ask you to think about your own circumstances to help us know the meaning of rain in dreams.

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What does it mean to dream of heavy rain?

Heavy rain is usually accompanied by dense black clouds and other weather elements such as lightening and harsh wind. When we dream of heavy rain, we can see these elements in out subconscious. Dreaming of heavy rain usually symbolizes concern or fear.

If we dream of heavy rain every night, it is likely reflecting some personal conflict we have inside ourselves. Such a conflict could be related to various aspects of our waking lives, including our financial situation, our work life, our romantic relationships, familial responsibilities or anything else.

However, when we dream of stormy rain, it usually implies something which is outside of our control. Or at least it feels as if it is outside our control. Since the weather is something which happens to us, it is often representative of this feeling.

Often dark skies can seem very ominous, but it doesn't necessarily mean the worst. Even dreaming of death doesn't necessarily mean something negative.

What does it mean to dream of getting wet from the rain?

We can sometimes experience dreams where rain not only appears, but it falls over us, making our hair and clothes wet. It can be raining to varying degrees, sometimes a light fall, other times a complete soaking. It can happen both suddenly or progressively.

Dreaming of rain and getting wet from it may have a positive meaning. Many associate this as a sign of fertility related issues. This doesn't mean that dreaming of rain will mean you or someone you are in a relationship with will get pregnant. However, it can mean pregnancy, babies or even more general responsibilities might be on your mind.

Another possible interpretation of being rained on is related to the idea of liberation, especially with gentle rain. This type of rain can feel like an ablution, a ritualistic cleansing. Maybe you have had a difficult time in the recent past or even had lingering problems from years-old issues. You may be turning a positive corner and help to eliminate feelings of negative nostalgia.

However, if the rain is heavy and oppressive, it can imply there is a situation which worries you. Things might be feeling too much for you, so the soaking is something which is weighing you down. In fact, it can feel like you have lost the protective roof which keeps you safe and secure.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Rain? - What does it mean to dream of getting wet from the rain?

What does it mean to dream of rain at night?

The night is responsible for intensifying the meaning of the rain that appears in your dreams. The rain, in the dark of the night, refers to introspection. This is not something that needs to be negative. It can mean you are taking the time to reflect on what has happened to you recently. However, it generally implies you are on your own. This can be related to a feeling of liberation, but it can also imply you are dealing with issues of loneliness.

You may be missing someone who is no longer in your life, for whatever reason. Rain at night can be linked to a prolonged period of sadness, but it doesn't have to. If the rain at night is fleeting and is replaced by a clear day, it is likely to have a more positive meaning.

Feelings of separation, loneliness and uncertainty are usually associated with the rain at night, although some interpretations also suggest that it could predict the arrival of a happy event. This could include the appearance of a new love or a job opportunity that appears after the rain in the dark.

What does dreaming of running in the rain mean?

If there is no anguish in your dream, something that would turn it into a disturbing nightmare, dreaming of running in the rain mainly symbolizes joy, hope for the future and freedom. The dream reflects that you feel strong and that you pursue your goals optimistically facing any adversity. You are on a hot streak and the rain can imply luck is on your side.

However, if you are running in the rain in the dream and the ground is very muddy, the interpretation is usually less positive. In this case, the dream refers to a need to escape or feeling like you should run away. If you get bogged down in the mud, this is even more likely a sign of feeling trapped. There may be something bad in your life you want to run from, but it is also possible you are not even sure why this might be the case. Generally, torrential rain has negative meanings.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Rain? - What does dreaming of running in the rain mean?

What does it mean if you dream of your partner in rain?

Have you dreamed that you are with your romantic partner and it starts raining? Dreaming of someone specific usually means this person is on our mind a lot, but not always. However, if your partner appears in your dream, you would be follish to ignore it. Maybe the two of you are walking together and a rain storm happens our of nowhere? Or perhaps you are happily running through the rain together?

Generally, dreaming of rain with your partner will depend on their reactions to the situation. If you dream of rain, but you and your partner are close to each other and protecting each other, it is a sign of a healthy relationship. Perhaps you have had a stormy time, but are now getting past it and moving on.

If you have not been physical with your partner yet, dreaming of rain might be a sign you have a desire to take it to the next level. While this is related to fertility, it doesn't necessarily mean you want to have children with them, but it could be a possibility.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Rain?
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