What does Dreaming about Flies Mean

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 31, 2019
What does Dreaming about Flies Mean

Different types of animals enter our dreams for varying reasons. Despite being some of the smallest in the animal kingdom, dreaming of bugs and insects is very common. Each bug has their own meaning. Dreaming of cockroaches may mean you have some obstacles up ahead or dreaming of spiders might mean success is up ahead. So what about dreaming of flies? Unfortunately, dreaming of flies can often have negative interpretations. This doesn't mean it needs to have a negative impact on your life. Often, it can be a helpful warning to consider an aspect of your like you have been neglecting. Keep reading oneHOWTO to find out what does dreaming about flies mean?

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If you are making a cartoon and want to show that a character smells bad, an old technique would be to draw flies circling around them. This is appropriate as flies are not known for being clean. They will try to get nutrients from almost anywhere, including rotting carcasses and animal waste. It is not a big leap to imagine that dreaming of flies might indicate dirtiness. This could be a physical dirtiness. An untidy roommate or a colleague's messy workstation may annoy you even when you sleep. It's also possible your concern about dirtiness has to do more psychological issues.

You might have too many things on your plate. Your mind is "dirty" and cluttered with all the different issues you have to deal with. Dreaming of flies might indicate you need cleansing, literally or figuratively. Cleaning up your act might help stop dreams of flies. You can have a spring clean, get your accounts into order or deal with the problems you have been putting off for whatever reason. These are not easy things to do, but your subconscious seems to be concerned about them, so you should try to find a way to ease it.

Flies carry disease. Dreaming about them may mean a more practical concern. You may worry you might get by a certain disease or have not been looking after your health. Dreaming of flies might be a wake up call to get yourself cleaned up.


In certain dreams, flies can be an allegory. They can symbolize people or things which bother us in our life. Something which has obstructed our way or has deprived us from reaching a goal we desire. Flies are niggling insects. Having food on a terrace in summer would be perfect if it wasn't for all the swatting you had to do. You might have also a niggling concern. Even if things seem to be going your way, there is always the possibility something unexpected will come along. If you have a particular fly which seems to be bothering you, try to think if there is anything noticeable about it. It's possible that the fly represents an aspect of your life which you haven't given much thought to.


If one fly can be pestering and annoying, a swarm is something else. When you are set upon by a swarm of flies, you are surrounded. It is dangerous, intimidating and suffocating. Emotionally you might be feeling the same when dreaming of flies. If you dream of a swarm of flies and you can't bat them away, you will likely feel helpless. Everything can surround you and it appears there is no way out. Perhaps this has something to do with business. For example, you may have a deal going through, but are worried it is going to eat up all of your time. You may also feel swarmed upon by a relationship. If you are dreaming of a lot of flies, you may be anxious and not even realize it. You should take stock of your emotional well-being. If the dream of flies you have is a nightmare, think about what pressures might be leading to it.

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While dreaming of flies can represent dirtiness in your life, this might extend to your conscience. If you are dreaming that flies are following you around, it could be that you are feeling guilty about something. If you have done something which your conscience has trouble with it could manifest itself in dreaming about flies. You may need to seek forgiveness or make some form of reparation. You can do this by making an apology or making an appropriate gesture.

Depending on how you grew up, many people consider sexual thoughts to be "dirty" or "filthy". If there is something which is upsetting you sexually, you may have things to consider. If you are made to think that your normal healthy sexual thoughts are dirty, this might affect your dream state.


It also symbolizes that a secret from our past is about to emerge and that the people who surround us could find out about it. This stems similarly from guilt. It is possible there is something you have been consciously repressing, but often our conscience won't allow us to keep hidden any longer. Opening up and trying to make amends might stop you dreaming about flies. This may be more difficult if it is our subconscious at fault. Our subconscious often represses memories or feelings so well, we are not even aware they ever existed. If dreaming of flies persists, but we don't know why, you may wan to seek advice about your mental health.


If we kill a fly in a dream, it can be a good sign. It could mean that, even though there are people who try to block our goals, we'll manage to persevere. It could also mean you are getting rid of the insignificant things in your life. This could be something physical such as cleaning up our living space. Dreaming of killing a fly might also mean we are getting rid of annoying people in our lives. It can lead to a restful state of both mind and body.

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There are also quite interesting symbols such as a fly on your ear. For some, this is thought to imply wealth or good fortune is on its way. However, some Islamic interpretations also say that if a fly lands on your property you should take precautions. It may mean someone is trying to take it from you.

Dreaming of a fly landing on your ear may mean good fortune. Dreaming of a fly going in your ear may mean something else. As the fly is seen a dirty and even corrupt, it could mean some outside force is trying to corrupt you. This could be to do with money. You may be concerned over ill-gotten gains. This is the same if you dream of eating flies. It can represent dirty money.


On the other hand, those people who constantly dream about flies can be considered jealous people, something that must be redirected as soon as possible. If you are constantly dreaming about flies, it could be a good sign. It might mean you are unhappy being a jealous person and it is a good opportunity to change your ways.


If we dream about very small flies, hardly perceptible, it could mean we're scared that someone might interfere in our business, knowing too many details about our intimacy. Again, if we feel guilty about something this could exacerbate it. You may need to consider opening up about your feelings and talking to someone. If, however, you are happy with your preferred lack of intimacy, you may have someone in your life you need to inform.


Last of all, if we dream that we are flies and we're conscious we actually are one, it may mean we concentrate too much on others. It might be time to focus more on yourself and stop being a people pleaser.

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What does Dreaming about Flies Mean
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