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What Does Dreaming About Vampires Mean?

What Does Dreaming About Vampires Mean?

Vampires are creatures of the night known to survive by feasting on the blood of living beings. In popular culture, vampires are symbolic of danger, possession, wild sex and seduction. But dreaming about them can have different meanings in different contexts. Have you dreamt of becoming a vampire? Maybe it was someone close to you becoming the fanged undead? The acts of vampires (blood sucking, turning into bats, seducing young innocents, etc.) may figure into your dream. As dreams are the hallucinogenic visions of your subconscious, vampires might just as likely be doing something mundane in your dream such as vacuuming or eating cereal (Count Chocula, amiright?). oneHOWTO makes some suggestions by answering what does dreaming about vampires mean?

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  1. What are vampires?
  2. Different Vampire Dreams With Different Meanings
  3. Being afraid of the presence of a vampire around you
  4. Vampire sucking your blood
  5. Seeing an ugly, scary vampire
  6. Dreaming of a sexy vampire
  7. Being seduced by a vampire
  8. Dating a vampire
  9. Being chased by a vampire
  10. Winning a battle with a vampire
  11. Feeding your own blood to a vampire
  12. Yourself becoming a vampire
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What are vampires?

At oneHOWTO, we look at many different creatures which may enter your dreams, including rats, pigeons and even cockroaches. There is an important distinction, however, between these creatures and vampires. Vampires aren't real! If you are worried your dream means you are going to be attacked by a real vampire anytime soon, you don't need to worry. If you are worried you will be attacked by an idiot dressed up in a vampire costume, the chances are slim, but not non-existent.

To understand the meaning of vampire dreams, first of all we need to understand what a vampire is. In doing this, we can work out what a dream of vampires might represent. We all know that vampires survive by sucking blood. They are immortal creatures that leave their graves at night to hunt for blood. Vampires can’t stand sunlight and always stay hidden during the day.

Once they find their victim, vampires take a bite on the wrist or neck and suck up the blood. Many stories claim this will make the bite-ee a vampire too, causing them to start hunting for blood for their own survival. They are often clad in shrouds or wearing some sort of upper class garb, like the famous Count Dracula. Others have their hair, nails and teeth overgrown. Vampires know how to seduce even the most confident people on this earth.

However, for every traditional vampire story, there is some twist or difference to counteract it. There are the craggy and decomposed Nosferatu type vampires, the elegant and sexual Catherine Daneuve type from The Hunger or even the relatively recent trend of young naif vampires like Robert Pattinson in the Twilight movies.

Different Vampire Dreams With Different Meanings

Dreaming about a vampire is not always a bad thing. It may not mean anything more than having watched a vampire horror flick before bed. Remember, a vampire dream isn't the same as a nightmare. What the vampire is doing in the dream, whether you are the vampire or the victim, what other imagery is in the dream; all of these are important to the dream interpretation. There are some common themes, however, which may arise, so here are some to look out for:

Being afraid of the presence of a vampire around you

Sometimes you may not see an actual vampire in your dream, but you see yourself being afraid of the presence of one around you. This kind of dream may indicate that you are holding on to a secret for a long time. If in a relationship, you may be afraid afraid that your partner should come to know of something about you. This could be down to bad behavior on your part. Equally, it might simply be a feeling of guilt due to low self-esteem or a lack of confidence. Whether you have an actual secret or feel like you do, dreaming of a vampire's presence without seeing one might mean you are worried people will see the real you.

Vampire sucking your blood

Seeing a vampire in your dream depicts a kind of negativity in your real life. Most of the time, dreaming about vampires is not a good sign, unless you are happy in the dream. If you saw a vampire in your dream sucking your blood, it may mean that you have surrendered to a negative person around you in real life. Even if you are capable of fighting against them and protecting yourself, you worry about surrendering your own will.

Another reason you may dream about a vampire sucking your blood might be down to health worries. You may not have anything actually wrong with you, but the fear of ill health is haunting your dreams like a vampire. Blood and health are intrinsically related.

Seeing an ugly, scary vampire

The kind of vampire you see in your dream may also mean a lot. For instance, if you see an old, scary looking vampire in your dream, it may indicate old age and danger. If the scary vampire sucks your blood and causes you harm, then it may indicate the fear of negative things coming in your life. It may mean you are acting under influence of a person who is not fit for you. It could also mean you are worried about changes occurring in your life. Maybe you are off to school, getting a new job, buying a house or someone close to you has passed. All of these things can be related either to old age or the passing of youth. As vampires are related to immortality, it goes to reason dreaming of vampires might make you worry of your own mortality.

Dreaming of a sexy vampire

If you see a young, charming, handsome or sexy vampire in your dream, it indicates sexual desire that you have for something new and different. This may be a good time to spice up your love life and enjoy someone or something different. This kind of dream may sometimes indicate forthcoming problems in your current relationship, especially sex life. Don't worry if the sexy vampire is not the gender you are normally attracted to or there is something strange about the encounter. It doesn't necessarily mean your sexuality has changed or you should go out and buy yourself a gimp suit. Human sexuality is complicated, so just have a think about what it might mean to you.

What Does Dreaming About Vampires Mean? - Dreaming of a sexy vampire

Being seduced by a vampire

In your dream, if you see a vampire trying to lure you or seduce you, it may indicate a sexual tension between you and the person you love in your real life. You have a crush or sexual attraction for someone, and such feelings might be starting to frustrate you now.

Dating a vampire

A vampire is a symbol of fear, sexual feelings, negativity, surrender and sometimes even death. If you see yourself going on a date with a vampire, it may indicate that someone in your real life is making a bad decision. This doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic decision either. It could be that this person is making rash decisions or repeating negative behavioral patterns. Whatever they are doing, you worry they will go as well as a date with a vampire.

Being chased by a vampire

Sometimes, you may see a vampire in your dream who is chasing you and trying to give you a vampire bite. If it does, it may be trying to turn you into a vampire too. If you are trying to escape and fighting to not get caught, then it may indicate that real things in your life need some change. Whether you are worried about a previous change or you looking forward to one, it doesn't mean the change is necessarily negative.

Such a change may affect your true identity and your own perspective towards yourself. If you see yourself happy with the change it could be you are happy about new circumstances, despite the pain you had to go through to get there. This shows you are likely prepared for the coming change and ready to accept your fate. If you see a vampire chasing you, but it cannot catch you, maybe you are worried about near misses.

Winning a battle with a vampire

If you see yourself in a fight with a vampire, and if you win in the end, this might indicate a kind of improvement in your own self. You may have overcome a problem or are worried about a particular stress. Stopping a vampire bite or even giving your own vampire bite could be a good sign.

Feeding your own blood to a vampire

If you have suffered a vampire bite, you may be unwilling or willing to let them feed. Seeing yourself feeding your own blood to a vampire at your own will, this kind of dream may be indicative of recent foolishness. You may not be happy in your relationship, still you are holding on to it because you don’t want to let that person go. That person might be manipulating you and you may be foolish enough to dance at their command.

Maybe you have been making bad financial decisions or the issue is something to do with your family. Whatever the cause, dreaming of feeding a vampire your own blood shows you are making bad decisions in your dream. Check yourself to see if the same is happening in your waking life.

Yourself becoming a vampire

Sometimes, you may see yourself turning into a vampire. Such a dream suggests you have willingly chosen the misery and pains of your life and there is no other way out. It might not be that you are actually in misery or pain, but that you perceive things this way. Maybe you once considered yourself a good perosn, but fear you are losing your way. Becoming a vampire means you have given into 'evil' and are now malevolent creature. This is likely due more to self-perception than actuality. Have a think about how things are going and make improvements if you are worried you are losing your sense of self.

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What does it mean if the vampire didn’t want to bite you but had no choice but someone else offers their blood. But when the vampire bit that person you felt the pain? (If that makes sense)
well I was in my home I had some weird looking juice I drank bc I was thirsty and I turned into a vampire which I kind of enjoyed

this mean anything
Ina Smal
dreaming of being bitten by a vampire but in the end I killed all evil and slayed the vampires
what is the meaning
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Ina,

We cannot give you a direct interpretation. We recommend you read the article and think about what the dream might be revealing about what is happening in your life just now. Ask yourself lots of questions, but don't worry. It doesn't necessarily need to mean anything profound.
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Vamire dreams.....sexual predator.......sexual abuse.....pedaphiles....childhood vampire dreams......psychology.....sociopath..who won't protect you.....lonely...alone...noone...will...yours ...not safe..monsters........are there ....would be closer to dreams about presidents granting wishes...instead....of vampires biting you.....if you were safe....if you can might not dream under stress so dreams are possible for people who are safe anyway...and probably don't mean anything......but ...creative or do I say this...elite...fat person who will live a long life who is intellectually superior enough to have the ability to dream ....have dreams....can think...are an intelkect.. are doing more than fine...the riches of existentialism.its more than interesting to tell dream stories and dreams can be material for film....or songs..or books...too....if in kind....self obsession isn't a good social skills.the ability to mention the dreams of your friends to them ..out loud might be best before they have to tell you. About the meantime.....hennce....what do vampires mean...they mean we're threatened aren't safe........
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What Does Dreaming About Vampires Mean?