What does Dreaming about Pigeons Mean

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 4, 2019
What does Dreaming about Pigeons Mean

Some consider pigeons to be little more than flying rats. They are seen as just as filthy and will recoil in horror if their waste covered wings fly anywhere near them. On the other side, some people seem just as happy to stand in a throng of the winged creatures and feed them crusts until the cows come home. Still others like to collect them and keep them as pets or even as trained messenger pigeons. In this respect, pigeons have a noble heritage. All this goes to show that pigeons, like dreams, are open to interpretation. Pigeons in your dreams don't matter as much as how you feel about pigeons in your dreams. This is why oneHOWTO is here to look at some possible interpretations so you can know what it means to dream of pigeons.

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Dreaming of pigeons can mean good times in our sentimental, family or working life. Likewise, they may also bring an implicit message of reconciliation with someone who you haven't spoken to in years. If you dream that a pigeon comes flying towards you, this could mean this loving family member has good news for you. This could even be an unexpected arrival, especially if it actually lands near you.


Dreaming of flying pigeons means that you will receive important news soon. If the flying pigeon in your dream is tired, it could mean that the message comes from someone who is far away. This might be a relative or friend living in another city or country. If you are trying to catch the pigeon and fail to do so, this may mean there is an underlying frustration that is affecting close relationships.


Dreaming of peaceful pigeons in their nest is a sign of loyalty, both for couples and friends. It is a very positive dream, it means that the dreamer is surrounded by good people who respect and love them. If the pigeon also has chicks, then this may represent protection you find necessary in a male party of your family or close friends.

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The colour of the pigeons is quite important because they do not always mean the same thing. White doves are a symbol of peace and unity. However, black pigeons are thought to bring sorrow and misfortunes. Also, dreaming of red pigeons can be seem like an omen of tragedy, war or disaster. Remember, however, that it is just a dream. You are not an oracle, rather you are simply worried about the future and are considering where you're going in life.


If you dream of the slow and low murmur of a pigeon you must be vigilant, because it might signify problems. If you have a sick family member it may be associated with their condition worsening. If you don't like the feeling of the pigeon being there, it may mean you feel the blame for an action that has also occurred. The pigeon in your dream is a nagging reminder; something which is always there, but not always obvious. We accept them as part of our lives, but perhaps we should be doing something about them.

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If a spouse dreams of a dead pigeon, it means that you could fear separation from your partner, either temporarily or permanently. This could be due to problems of infidelity or simply because you are lacking confidence in the relationship. However, if it is you who is killing the pigeon, this is thought to represent change and marriage.


If on your dream your trying to catch the pigeon, it could mean that you will receive affection from your partner.

If you end up catching the pigeon it means that you desire a successful relationship with your partner. If, on the contrary, you don't catch the pigeon this is a sign of frustration. This could mean that you and your partner will break up due to incompatibility.


If you dream about a pigeon sitting on your hand it can mean full trust of your loved one. If you have been doubting your other half, then this might be the reassurance you need that there is nothing to worry about.


The color of the pigeon may also have meaning. For example, if the pigeon in your dream is black, then this might represent confusion and possible misunderstanding. This might even be with those that you appreciate the most. You may be doubting whether you are compatible or not with somebody else.

Is the pigeon green? Then you may want to forgive someone who has treated you bad in the past. Maybe it's time to make amends and forget about past quarrels.

If you dream of a white pigeon, this might be linked to your spirituality. You are living a moment of fulfilment, you are getting to know yourself a lot better and can soon feel at peace.

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I dreamed some men had caged a dove in an old wooden cage and placed it in a hole. I found the cage, opened it, and picked it up and let it go. It had a white head and beautiful rainbow colored body. Behind me, people murmured, she freed the dove.
ive dreamt that ive found a white pegion ......then i hold it.....then black dogs on the streets were barking on it...then we [me n my frndss ] held the pegion and rescued it from there
I dreamt I found a sole grey pigeon nesting inside my house. I picked it up and took it outside so it could fly away. I was being followed by my 2 cats, who were watching the pigeon. Once outside, I hoisted the bird into the air, to my surprise it just landed on the ground in front of me and walked away. The 2 cats raced towards it, but I beat them and picked the pigeon up to safety. Then I woke up. What does it mean ????
OneHowTo Editor
Hi David,

Like we say in the article, the themes and allusions dreaming about pigeons are far reaching. You need to think about your own personal situation and what might be playing on your mind. It sounds like there is something you are wanting to protect. What might this be in your life? A person? An idea? Your own integrity? Have a think and see this as an opportunity for some self-reflection, not for something to necessarily be concerned about.
I dreamt that I bought aset of 6 white animals to beautify my compound. I was meant to buy the other colors but I ended up buying only white
They included 5 white rabbits, 5 white doves, 5 white pigeons. I can't remember the other 3. What does it mean?
OneHowTo Editor
While we mention white doves at the end of the article, you can learn more about the symbolism of whiteness in this article:

Have a think and see if any of it speaks to your current state of well-being.
MIriam Greco

I had a dream of me looking at a big pigeon and then started to walk a little futher and there were about 20 baby pigeons surrounding me then i woke up.

I dreamt a friend of mine gave me a white bird to cook and eat (not sure the kind of bird but I assume it is a pigeon), but I went in to a hall with the bird, the bird all of a sudden started talking and an unknown person came and carried it outside and let it fly away..... saying we should allow the bird to be free...... and the bird flew away to the sky. Please what does it mean?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Bee,

Anyone who says they know exactly what a dream means is either misguided or arrogant. They can have a likely interpretation, but it has everything to do with the individual and their particular circumstances. What these articles are for is to give you general ideas of the symbolism we have attributed to many images and situations. Have a think about your circumstances and how the symbolism mentioned in the article might relate to them. Themes of unknown people and freedom feature in the dream, is there a situation you feel restricted by? Are you wanting to enlarge your horizon? Is there something you feel guilty about? Have a think and make some assessment, but always remember that sometimes a dream is just a dream. Use it to consider your situation and think positively, don't use it to fuel your worry. Hope this helps!
Good Morning!
Im buying orange color pulses and rice grains to feed pegions,even the store keeper says it costs 200rs/kg.what does it mean?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Rishikesh,

We're not sure of the question. Do you mean what does 200 rupees per kilogram mean? Let us know and we can try to help.
i dream`t i was looking for one of my pigeons when i found it seen blood every wear and it was dead and guts out couldn't make out wear the blood was coming from what dose it mean?
Alice T Breeze (oneHOWTO editor)
This may be an unconscious fear you may have. You may be worried about somebody close to you.
Hope this helps
Marcia Tulloch
I dream I have a big pigeon really big like a chicken I gave him to my brother told him to take care of him

What does Dreaming about Pigeons Mean
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What does Dreaming about Pigeons Mean

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