What Do Dog Biting Dreams Mean?

By Mary Smith. March 25, 2021
What Do Dog Biting Dreams Mean?

Dreams are a process by which we internalize our conscious experiences. The vast majority of them we don't remember, but there are some which stick with us. Unfortunately, they are often the ones in which something shocking or scary occurs. This is the case when we dream of a dog biting us. While it is possible we are not worried in the dream when a dog bites us, it can also be an image which is confusing or worrying.

At oneHOWTO, we look closer at what do dog biting dreams mean? We understand what might be leading us to dream of being attacked by a dog and what we might be able to apply to our everyday lives.

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What does it mean to dream of dogs in general?

To know what it means to dream of dogs that attack you, we should be aware of why we might dream of dogs at all. Since they are known as ‘man's best friend’, it is perfectly understandable they might be a common theme in human dreams. Their symbolism and significance will depend both on their cultural meaning and the experience of the individual.

The action of the dog will also help us to understand the meaning of the dream, but so too will its appearance. Here are some general examples of how dogs appear in dreams:

What does it mean to dream of a friendly dog?

If a friendly dog approaches you in your dream, allowing them selves to be petted and offering affection, it is usually a good sign. It can mean you have loyal people in your life whom you trust and the dog symbolizes them. However, it may also mean that you are lonely, since dogs represent companionship.

What do dogs barking mean in dreams?

Dogs bark at humans not necessarily to be aggressive, but to give a warning. This could be a warning to strangers that they need to back off, but it could be a signal to their family that there is trouble. In these cases, you may have cause for concern in your life. Maybe you are stressed or worried that something bad is going to happen and the barking dog acts as a manifestation of this worry.

What does it mean to dream that a dog is chasing you?

When a dog is chasing you, it is likely a sign you are scared of something. Maybe there is something in your past you haven't dealt with emotionally, or maybe you have done something wrong recently and feel guilty about it. In these cases, the dog chasing you is a sign you feel these unresolved issues are catching up to you. It could also be about something in the future, perhaps worrying you will not be able to achieve a goal without something going wrong.

Now, dreaming of dogs biting you might be an extension of these type of dog dreams, but they also warrant discussing on their own. Below we look at what dog biting dreams might mean.

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What does it mean when a dog bites you in a dream

When a dog attacks you in a dream, it is likely they are going to bite you (or at least try to bite you). Such dream visions are generally not a good sign. Not only is it a violent act, but it is a violent act perpetrated by an animal which is considered to be a companion to humans. Since humans have such a history and emotional connection to dogs, we should consider what emotional interpretation these dreams may be.

What do dog biting and attacking dreams mean?

If you dream that a mad dog attacks or bites you, it often means you have financial worries. If you have debts, impending payments or simply aren't making enough money to life a comfortable life, it is perfectly understandable this can color your dreams. Dogs symbolize this worry because it is one which can seem the most vicious and destabilizing.

What does it mean to dream that a dog attacks you, but does not bite you?

Since dogs attacking us can often symbolize monetary problems, when the dog attacks us, but doesn't bite us, it might mean the problems are there, but not yet acute. The worry doesn't have to be financial. It is possible that the problem is to do with a family problem, a work issue or anything which feels like it is creeping up. There may be an issue you haven't considered consciously, the the dog in the dream represents something we should address.

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What Do Dog Biting Dreams Mean? - What does it mean when a dog bites you in a dream

What does it mean to dream that a dog bites your hand?

When we look at interpretations of dog biting dreams, there are some common themes we can consider. A dream where a dog bites your hand is a common image in our dreams. This is possibly linked to the phrase ‘biting the hand that feeds us’, but in general it usually references feelings of domination. In this case, the dog represents someone or something which appears to be dominating our thoughts. You may feel like you don't have control over your own life, in some way.

  • Disloyalty and material loss: one of the most common meanings might be that someone in your circle is disrespecting you. If you have cared or provided for someone, the image of a dog biting our hand might be related to a feeling you are being betrayed. This could be a genuine or merely perceived feeling, but it is worth addressing. It may also be related to a loss of material goods since we will need to separate economic losses from emotional ones.

  • Guilt: closely related to the previous meaning, it is possible you are feeling as if you might be the betrayer. Maybe there is something you have done to a friend, whether they are aware or not, and you are represented by the dog in this dream. It might be a sign you should address the problem and make amends.

  • Disputes and emotional losses: you do not want to be humiliated and you feel that your closest circle is going to leave you. You may notice that your loved ones are moving away from you or that your partner is distancing themselves. In these cases, the dog bite will almost always be linked to you trying to escape or hide.

What does it mean to dream that a dog bites your right hand?

In Christian tradition, the left hand of God is said to represent justice, while the right hand symbolizes mercy. On the other hand, in Taoism we find that the right hand corresponds to action, while the left to wisdom.

To dream that a dog bites your right hand may mean you feel dominated because someone is taking advantage of you and your generosity. The response to such anguish may be to take action and prudently walk away from those you don't trust.

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What does it mean to dream that a dog bites your left hand?

Dreaming that a dog bites your left hand, may symbolize that someone wants to take justice into their own hands and your property is in danger. If this is the case, you should be savvy and protective. However, the left hand is also often seen as the weaker hand (unless you are left-handed). In this case, it is possible the dog represents the dog attacking one of your weaknesses. Maybe your drinking, your temper, your pride or some element of your charcater is influencing bad decisions.

What does it mean to dream that a dog bites your face?

To dream that a dog bites your face is usually a very distressing nightmare. If the dog bites your face in a dream, it is often said to be related to something very precious to you. Your face is about as important a signifier of our character as we can get. For this reason, a dog biting our face means we are worried about something very personal.

Maybe we are having an identity crisis, with the dog biting our face representing our identity being taken. This could be due to our sexuality, our role in the family or even the idea that our work is defining us. For this reason, we should analyze how we feel about ourselves and whether there is something standing in the way of realizing our true selves.

What Do Dog Biting Dreams Mean? - What does it mean to dream that a dog bites your face?

What does it mean to dream that a dog bites another person?

We have already seen what it means to dream that a dog attacks or bites you, but what happens if the animal ends up biting someone in front of you in the dream? In this case, it signify that someone else is in your life is facing some problems. Maybe you are worried about them.

In cases where a dog bites someone we know, we should look at our relationship with the person. Is this what needs addressed? Or are we worried about the decisions they are making? If it is the latter, we need to be very careful. Differentiate between the person being in trouble because they are making bad decisions, and the person making decisions which we disagree with.

Whether you dream of a dog biting you or someone else, it is possible the bite will become bloody. If this is the case, we should also look at the symbolism behind what it means to dream of blood?

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