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What Does Dreaming About Prison Mean

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 17, 2020
What Does Dreaming About Prison Mean

Interpreting dreams is not a straight forward process. Often symbols we associate with something in our waking life have different meanings in our dreamscape. One way or the other, they are the reflections of our inner thoughts, fears and emotions. If we dream of being in prison, then it is understandable we might find it disconcerting. Prisons are a place which means the end of freedom, they are often associated with abuse and feelings of guilt and/or wrongdoing are caught up in them. However, what dreaming about prison means to you as an individual could mean a whole host of things, so let oneHOWTO look into some possible interpretations to get you thinking.

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  1. Dreaming of being in prison
  2. Dreaming of an armed prison guard
  3. Dreaming of locking yourself in prison
  4. Dreaming of hiding away in a prison
  5. Dreaming of being in solitary confinement
  6. Dreaming of being sent to prison
  7. Dreaming of someone else in prison
  8. Dreaming of your spouse or partner in prison
  9. Dreaming of visiting someone in prison
  10. Dreaming of a prison break
  11. Dreaming of being released from prison
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Dreaming of being in prison

When you see yourself in the prison, it may mean many things, depending on your personal situation. To get you started on some general issues dreaming about being in prison might mean to you, we have some considerations:

  • Dreaming of being in prison might suggest a relationship or situation in your real life is keeping you restricted.
  • You might be experiencing loss of freedom in a certain area of your waking life.
  • Sometimes, such a dream may also represent feelings of guilt and shame.
  • It may be a warning to you that you should stop giving punishment to yourself and get over a restricting situation.
  • Seeing yourself imprisoned may suggest you are unable to go beyond a certain point and you are feeling trapped by your lack of progress.
  • Perhaps, your old fashioned thinking and beliefs might be preventing you from moving forward.
  • You might be censored in certain areas of your real life.
  • You might be feeling your creativity is being suppressed and you are not allowed to express yourself fully.
  • You are not allowed to do something, or you are feeling held back about something.
  • Someone might be forcing you to do or not to do something.
  • You might be feeling repressed and you can’t find a way out of the situation.
  • Dreaming about being in prison may represent feelings about consequences and discipline. In real life, you might be feeling that you have been punished for something (either rightly or wrongly).
  • You might be stuck in a relationship you may not want to continue anymore. Your entire life might be revolving around keeping someone happy and you might be ignoring your own requirements for happiness.
  • You are in a hospital and you are not allowed to let out against your will.

Dreaming of an armed prison guard

If you see an armed prison guard in your dream, it may represent rational thinking in your real life. It can indicate either you are practical and cautious or that you should be more so. Sometimes, it may be a warning to be alert about a particular situation in your waking life. It might also suggest your thinking process and your beliefs are causing restrictions to your own progress. You are too afraid of making mistakes in your life and it might be preventing you from growing further.

Dreaming of locking yourself in prison

If you dream you are yourself locking yourself in a prison, it likely indicates you are having issues with yourself. You may need to search yourself and find out how your own thoughts and beliefs are keeping you restricted. You may have a wrong perspective of yourself or other people in your life, which might be preventing you from enjoying your freedom at its fullest. You may not be able to express yourself due to your thoughts and behavior.

A lot of this may have to do with confidence and self-esteem. Lacking in confidence might prevent you from reaching certain goals, but it can also affect other relationships. Everyone will have self-confidence issues, but how we exhibit them takes different forms. Maybe you don't even realize you are having these issues, but they can come back to bite you so be careful.

Dreaming of hiding away in a prison

In dreams, prisons tend to be metaphors for circumstance. This means, some situation you are in feels like it is breaking you down and not letting you feel free. Whether or not this is the actual case, at the very least our subconscious mind is making us think it so. Have a think about what the prison might mean to you. If you have an overbearing family, they can often make you feel like you are living in a guarded environment. They may have different values to you or simply you are growing up and you feel like you are being punished for every action. You may find yourself in a relationship which isn't working. It may feel like it is restricting you, something normal for every relationship.

Dreaming you are hiding in a prison may also indicate an abusive relationship whether physically or emotionally so. hiding is something you do when you don't feel like you have any other course of action.

Dreaming of being in solitary confinement

If you see yourself alone in a prison without any contact with other humans, then it indicates that you may have been censored in certain areas of your life. You have been cut off and you feel discouraged from interacting with others, and expressing your emotions and thoughts. It could be feelings of guilt or shame are making you feel like you shouldn't even interact with other human beings. Are you hiding away from other people? Maybe not going out as much as you should or feeling as if you don't deserve company? Dreaming about being in solitary confinement might certainly bring up these issues.

Dreaming of being sent to prison

If you are being sent to prison in your dream, it will usually represent something to do with guilt or shame. You may have done something wrong and either you have been caught out or you feel like you should. People go to prison after a trial or conviction. Is there a personal trial you have gone through which you feel like you have failed? Maybe you have wrong someone or feel like you have gotten away with something you shouldn't. These feelings can certainly manifest themselves as prison dreams.

What Does Dreaming About Prison Mean - Dreaming of being sent to prison

Dreaming of someone else in prison

If you see someone else in the prison, it suggests that someone is asking you to keep certain aspects of your life restricted and confined. You might have certain issues or ideas that someone else might be asking you to shut down, such as your teacher, boss or parents. It could also be you fear this person is going through some of the same issues we have previously mentioned in this article. Maybe you feel like they have been making bad decisions and you worry they are placing themselves in a cage of their own doing. If so, you have to be careful when addressing someone else's issues. You need to be sure you are acting in their best interests and it is not simply the case that you feel they aren't doing what you expect them to do.

Dreaming of your spouse or partner in prison

If you see your spouse or partner in prison may indicate that you are experiencing hard time in your relationship. They might have done something wrong to you and you feel unable to forgive them. You may feel like you are wanting to punish them for something they have done. It could be you have even spoken about this thing and forgiven them for it, but not necessarily forgotten.

Equally, you may be worried about what your partner is doing to themselves. Maybe they have their own personal issues, whether with self-esteem, substance abuse or whatever it may be. You may feel like they are repeating bad behavior which is keeping them contained. This may also be the case with any one particular person you care about.

Dreaming of visiting someone in prison

Visiting someone in the prison typically suggests that you are holding grudges for someone and that person must have done something wrong with you in the past. When you visit them in the prison to meet them, it indicates that you are now ready to forgive them while still holding them accountable for what they did. Such a dream may also be a kind of remorse of your own mentality, as you might have done something wrong to that person and you have kept that memory locked in your mind.

Dreaming of a prison break

If you see yourself breaking out of prison, it likely represents a strong desire to break out of a restrictive relationship or real-life situation. You may have felt so cooped in by this circumstance you start to feel like desperate measures are needed. Maybe it is something which has already happened in the past and you are now feeling the rush of being rid of it.

Dreaming of being released from prison

If you see yourself being released from the prison and regaining your freedom, it suggests that you need to bring some major changes in your real life. There might be certain situations or obstacles that might be holding you back. You need to make some major life changes in order to break the bars and set free. Being released implies also that you have moved on. It is more passive than dreaming of breaking free of prison, but also might have less feelings of guilt.

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What Does Dreaming About Prison Mean