Why Do I Keep Dreaming About the Same Person?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 28, 2019
Why Do I Keep Dreaming About the Same Person?

Dreams connect our real worlds to our subconscious and unconscious worlds. Dreams are a way in which our minds expel information collected throughout the day by placing it into our brains. Dreams allow our experiences, thoughts and subconscious minds to release stress and collect information, transforming them into long-term memory.

In some cases, dreams are also a way in which our subconscious minds can release any hidden desires or confessions, which are often unknowingly buried away by the conscious.

Are you wondering ‘‘What does it mean when you dream about someone repeatedly?’’ Well, it depends. Are you dreaming about a crush? Or, do you keep dreaming about a stranger? For more about ‘why do I keep dreaming about the same person,’ and dream interpretation, keep reading here at oneHOWTO.

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  1. I keep dreaming about the same person
  2. Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?
  3. Why do I keep dreaming about him
  4. What does it mean when you dream about someone?
  5. The same person keeps appearing in my dreams

I keep dreaming about the same person

It is important, before trying to find out what does it mean to dream about the same person repeatedly, that you know who this person is. Before interpreting this such dream, we need a category with which to place them into. Is it a family member, a close friend, an acquaintance, a crush or a complete stranger?

When dreaming, your subconscious is trying to tell you something, but what? Keep reading to find out.

Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?

Stranger in dreams

Unknown person in dream meaning: It is possible that if you are dreaming about someone you don’t know repeatedly that this person is you. The subconscious is an interesting space. In the end, your dreams are actually a mirror of you. In addition, you have probably seen this person before, be that in a train, metro, work or walking in the street, this person is someone you would’ve have probably crossed paths with in the past. Brains sometimes record images which we don’t even remember experiencing. In the end, there is no reason specific answer we can give you to tell you, this is happening because of this. In this case, your subconscious is the only one who knows.

What does it mean if you dream about someone you know?

Are you dreaming about someone you know? This is completely normal and incredibly common. If you speak to this person everyday or think about this person, they will immediately make up a part of your subconscious.The more a person is present in your thoughts, the more likely they are to make several appearances in your nocturnal dreams. In this case, it is your conscious state that is directly affecting your unconscious state. In other words, your thoughts provoke your dreams or encourage them to take a direction.

For more, we recommend reading, the meaning of dreaming about someone you like.

Why do I keep dreaming about him

If you keep dreaming about someone else it can also hold a deeper meaning. Here are some possible reasons you keep dreaming about the same person:

  • They represent what you love.
  • They have personality traits that appeal to you.
  • They remind of you something or someone else in your life.
  • This person looks like you.
  • This person you are dreaming of has a de-stressing and calming effect on you. This is especially common during a period when you are feeling extra anxious or stressed.

Have you heard of premonitory dreams? Premonitory dreams are dreams that somewhat predict the future. Maybe the person you are dreaming of is going through or is going to go through a difficult time. This person then acts as a dream sign that signifies something more.

Some other types of dreams which link to stress include:

What does it mean when you dream about someone?

Keep dreaming about dead loved one being alive

Often, when you dream of a dead loved one being alive, it’s because you miss them. Because of a lack of conscious feelings or experiences with this person, your subconscious tries to fill what isn’t there anymore. Dreaming of a person who has passed away is a way in which your subconscious tries to help you feel close to them again. In addition, when dreaming about someone who has died, it may also mean that you’ve not quite completed your grieving process and that your subconscious mind is trying to comfort and help you get through this difficult time.

Keep dreaming of a co worker

If you dream of a co worked repeatedly, we need to distinguish whether this dream is a positive or negative one. If this dream holds a negative connotation, it may be a way in which you are trying to expel work stress related directly to the people you work for or with. Sometimes, however, the reason is simple and you’re dreaming about work because you’re working too hard! Having work-related nightmares is actually incredibly common and it makes sense, considering how much time and energy we spend stressing about it. As we mentioned before, we often dream about our daily experience as a way for our brains to digest them. Have you had a dream that you had sex with a coworker? If so, it’s normal to wonder, what does it mean? Often, most sex dreams have nothing to do with sex. Sex dreams are often a way for your subconscious to make a necessary connections between two parts of ourselves. In addition, we spend a lot of time with our coworkers and therefore, sometimes it’s normal to dream about them with it holding no significant meaning.

Why do I keep dreaming about my crush

If, on the contrary, you keep dreaming about someone you like, then this dream is a way of simply merging your conscious emotions and subconscious emotions together. When it comes to these such dreams, the details are an important factor that needs to be considered when trying to interpret it. If you keep dreaming about this person, then it is also very likely that you are waiting (or hoping) for something to happen. One of the most commonly asked questions is, ‘‘When you dream about someone are they thinking of you?’’ As much as we would love to say yes, it’s simple not true. For more, we recommend reading our article where we look at what it means dreaming about an ex and their new partner.

If any of your above recurring dreams are uncomfortable, traumatic, haunting and/or detrimental to your quality of life, then we recommend making an appointment with a specialist.

The same person keeps appearing in my dreams

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Why Do I Keep Dreaming About the Same Person?