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What Does Dreaming About Knives Mean

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: April 16, 2019
What Does Dreaming About Knives Mean

A knife is a classic symbol of separation. Just as it is used to trim fat from a loin, it may symbolize cutting off certain things from your life. These could include jealousy, frustration, anger and even enemies. Dreaming about knives is often regarded as a very negative symbol, the physical trauma knives cause often correlating to emotional trauma in your life. It is not bad to be emotional, but if you are dreaming about knives, you may benefit from some reflection. Knife dreams may also indicate a stressful relationship you need to cut off from your life. However, seeing a knife in different situations has different meanings to our waking life. Read this oneHOWTO article to find out what does dreaming about knives mean and see how your dream may reflect on your situation.

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  1. Dreaming of a knife with no consequence
  2. Dreaming about different types of knives
  3. Stabbing someone else with a knife
  4. Dreaming of committing suicide with a knife
  5. Being stabbed with a knife
  6. Dreaming of a dropped knife

Dreaming of a knife with no consequence

A knife is not only a dangerous murder weapon, but a helpful household tool, a practical outdoors accessory and a lifesaver in certain circumstances. However, whatever their use, the action is the same. Cutting, slicing or chopping, they are used to separate one thing from another. This is why dreaming about a knife often represents separation from something or someone in your life. If it is a person, they might have moved away from you for a short or long period of time. Distance from this person might be making you sad, the knife being a visceral depiction of this sadness.

Sometimes, this dream may also indicate financial troubles, indicating you need to be extra cautious while handling money. Seeing a knife in your dream is often considered to be the symbol of division. Being divided from your money (i.e. losing money or overspending) might lead to dreaming of knives. Knives, however, are also often used in fights, so dreaming of a knife which isn't being used might also symbolize a fear of a past or upcoming struggle.

Dreaming about different types of knives

The type of knife about which you dream might also have a bearing on its interpretation. Some examples include:

  • Swiss Army knife: Swiss army knives are practical and often useful in a scrape. If you dream about Swiss army knives it's possible it's a more positive knife dream than you might expect. They might be a sign you have been in trouble, but there is a way out. Maybe you have some practical issues which your dream is trying to highlight through your subconscious mind.
  • Rusty knife: Dreaming about a rusty knife can represent sadness and unhappiness in your real life. Something might not be going right in your relationship or in your home life. This might be causing extreme trouble for you. Rustiness is for something which was once gleaming and is now fading and getting crusty. This might mean you are concerned about something in your life which is more long-term, like relationships, family, career, jobs. You fear something in this area is getting equally rusty.
  • Very sharp knife: When you see a very sharp knife in your dream, it may indicate a fear of betrayal. This person may be anyone, including a close friend, partner, spouse or family member. Betrayal and knives are often linked, also appearing popular culture such as Julius Caesar being betrayed by Brutus.
  • Damaged knife: When you see a dented or damaged knife in your dream, it might indicate unpleasant things happening to you in your real life. Pay attention to others around you and be careful of suspicious people. Don’t let anyone get access to your confidential information, as it may lead to an unpleasant situation in the end.
  • Bloody knife: If the knife you saw in your dream had blood on it, it could represent your life becoming a mess right now and you are unable to solve it. You might need to go to more effort, but your dream is simply highlighting some issues for you.

Stabbing someone else with a knife

If you stab someone in your dream, it is unlikely a latent murderous desire to kill someone. This is especially if it is someone you have previously had no other bad intentions towards. What it is more likely to symbolize is either frustration or passion. You may dream of stabbing someone without even killing them. It depends on the person and it depends on what happens in the dream.

A controversial study suggested that dreaming about killing someone implied you were more likely to be introspective and aggressive in your waking life. But at least one report suggests this is biased information and doesn't accurately reflect how we might think in our waking life. We tend to agree, but the study makes a good point. If you do have violent dreams, whether or not a knife is involved, you should check your aggression. Are you being frustrated by something? Are you so passionate about something (or someone) it is giving you disturbing thoughts. If so, you should address these thoughts rather than letting them get the better of you. This means improving your mindfulness or speaking to a mental health professional if needs be.

What Does Dreaming About Knives Mean - Stabbing someone else with a knife

Dreaming of committing suicide with a knife

A dream in which you see stabbing yourself with a knife can be quite scary, but this vision can often represent a change in fortune. What it most likely means is you are wanting a new change and you are willing to do anything to get it. This can be positive or negative depending on your circumstance. It may mean you want to change careers, start a new relationship or simply make some improvements in your demeanor. It may be you have had some confidence or self-esteem issues and you want to make improvements.

There are lots of correlations of change in our waking life when we dream of committing suicide. Some dream interpreters even consider dreaming of suicide to be a really positive sign. Letting go of your ego and starting anew can be a great thing for you. Killing yourself with a knife in a dream might simply be your mind telling you to makes some fresh and positive changes.

Being stabbed with a knife

If someone else stabbed you or hurt you with a knife in your dream, then it might be you are worried about this person. You may feel like they are going to do something to you. If it is a friend, you might think they will do something to betray you (or they already have done something to you). If it is a partner, you might be concerned about cheating, whether or not you have just cause to feel this way. However, getting stabbed in a dream isn't just about betrayal. It could be about disappointment. Maybe you are worried someone close to you is going to let you down. This might be something they do to themselves rather than something they will do to you.

Dreaming of a dropped knife

In your dream, dropping a knife or seeing a knife on the ground might mean you worried about losing control. They who have the knife are the ones in power, so seeing it on the floor or dropping it could mean you fear losing it. What it is you are losing control over depends on the circumstance of the dream and your life. Do you have a power struggle at work? Are you worried about losing a friend or lover? These don't necessarily mean you want to use harm against any of these people, but just that you are worried about a power imbalance.

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What Does Dreaming About Knives Mean