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What Does It Mean To Dream About The Devil?

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: April 9, 2020
What Does It Mean To Dream About The Devil?

The devil is present in different religious texts and belief systems. For many he is not only evil, but the representation of all evil. He relates to darkness, ill thoughts, fear and danger. Since childhood, we may have a fear of the devil by religious parents or other influences on our young minds. When the devil appears in our dreams, many of us may worry about its significance. If we are religious people, we may fear it has some portentous meaning. However, the devil is also a cultural character with ambivalent characteristics. This can be seen in everything from Bulgakov's 1967 novel The Master and Margarita to short run NBC animation God, the Devil and Bob. Keep reading oneHOWTO to see what does dreaming about the devil mean and how it may apply to you.

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  1. You see a devil in your dream
  2. Being possessed by the devil
  3. Presence of a devil surprised you
  4. Dream of the Devil talking to you
  5. Fighting with the devil
  6. A devil blocks your way
  7. The Devil threatens you
  8. The Devil takes you to Hell
  9. A Devil talks to you
  10. A devil chases you
  11. A devil grabs you
  12. You married a devil
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You see a devil in your dream

In general, the devil represents your inner anxieties and fears. It indicates something in your real life is stopping you from achieving success and you are unable to get over your fears. You may feel extremely uncomfortable due to these internal apprehensions. They may even be preventing you from progressing further in your life. Religion has figures of the devil which creates a fear of hell and eternal damnation. Whether you share these religious beliefs, the symbolism might still apply to your dreams.

An interpretation of dreaming of the devil depends on your interaction with them. How the devil treats you or what you do to the devil in your dream will help you to understand. This is why we look at some of the ways the devil might pop up in your subconscious mind.

Being possessed by the devil

If you were possessed by a devil in your dream, it will likely represent something to do with your behavior. Demonic possession makes people do things they wouldn't normally do. Perhaps you have been behaving differently recently. You may be in a relationship which has been going well, but lately you have been distant or argumentative. Maybe with your family you have been going to your room or spending too much time alone. When people talk to their friends about their well-being, they often say something like ‘you haven't been yourself lately'. Maybe you have been feeling this way and a devil in your dream is a representation of that feeling.

There are many reasons you may be feeling like your are possessed by the devil. It could be negative thoughts, social pressures, lack of confidence, someone taking away your control or even a reaction to abuse. If you feel like you are not being yourself, you should talk to someone who knows you well and try to work out why.

Presence of a devil surprised you

If you were really surprised by the presence of a devil in your dream, it could be about someone you know in waking life. People who are antagonistic towards you can suddenly appear in your dream. If they are manipulative or domineering people, you may see them as a type of devil. It may be someone you haven't seen in a while and their sudden presence in a dream makes you concerned. However, the devil isn't always a negative figure. They might simply be someone who likes to shake things up or show you a different side of life. This means seeing a devil in your dream might be a sign someone has entered your life who may affect it. Whether this is a positive influence depends on your individual circumstance.

Dream of the Devil talking to you

If the Devil talks to you in your dream, it is likely you are worried about an influence in your life. Maybe you are young and have been hanging out with a new crowd at school. Maybe you grew up in a tough circumstance and are worried about some of the people who influence you. It could even be a family member who you normally trust, but are worried they are not the best role model for you. The devil is known for temptation, trying to get you to do things which are perceived as morally reprehensible. In Christianity, this is first seen by Satan tempting Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden.

If a devil is talking to you in your dream, maybe you are worried about someone in your life tempting you. Maybe there is someone you have been attracted to who isn't your partner. This is a common temptation. Just because you dream about it, however, doesn't mean you are going to do anything about it.

Fighting with the devil

If you saw yourself fighting with a devil in your dream, then it represents your inner struggles. You might be worried about something and you can’t find a way to deal with it. This struggle can be anything related to your profession or personal life. You might be doubtful as to whether you must do some action or not. If you are confused about what to do, you should seek advice from someone you can trust.

What Does It Mean To Dream About The Devil? - Fighting with the devil

A devil blocks your way

If a devil stood in your way, it represents success in the near future. You can interpret this kind of dream as someone preventing you from achieving your ambitions, but that’s not necessarily true. In reality, it can mean the exact opposite. It may be yourself who is stopping your progress. There are many things which can get in our way: money troubles, family circumstance, health issues, etc. However, if you dream of Satan or a devil blocking your way, it is likely something you perceive as being malevolent. Maybe you are drinking too much or behaving selfishly and these behaviors are impeding you.

The Devil threatens you

If you saw a devil threatening you or someone else in your dream, it means you are likely worried about the future as much as your current situation. If you have something coming up which you are looking forward to, you may be worried about how it will come off. Maybe you feel unprepared or are worried about some practical issues. Whatever devil appears in your dream, think about the other dream elements. Does it happen at work, at home or some other place? What might this represent to you?

The Devil takes you to Hell

Hell is a place where you are tortured for your transgressions for eternity. Many people believe it is real (up to 58% of Americans in fact[1]), many others see it as symbolic. If you are dreaming about the Devil taking you to hell, perhaps you are worried about the consequences of your actions.

Such consequences could be something to do with wrongdoing. Maybe you haven't been as good a friend as you should or you have been too aggressive at work. However, it could also be a positive change which you are not yet sure about. If you have just moved house, gone to a new school, got a new job or any of the new things we might do in our lives, you might be worried about the consequences. This is normal and time will tell what will happen.

A Devil talks to you

If you saw a devil talking to you in your dream, it represents financial success coming by. You are going to have good luck with investments and money related matters. If you are planning on a new business project or investing in a plan, this is the right time to do that. Anything that you start at this time will be successful. So, don’t waste your time and let your money do the work for you. If you are indebted, then this kind of dream will bring some positive news in that aspect as well. You will take good care of your debts and make progress in your financial plan as well.

A devil chases you

If a devil was running after you and you were trying to escape them, it could represent a conflicting situation in your real life. You may get into fight with your family, friend or colleagues, and even your parents or boss. This might not be a major conflict, but it might cause harm to your professional and personal life. Try to control your words and never say anything offending to others. You may get caught in a situation when you may have to regret.

A devil grabs you

If a devil chased you and he finally catches up to you, this kind of dream might represent bad fortune. Maybe something has happened to you and it's not exactly been ideal. It could be a health concern, a bad break up, getting fired, losing a big game or whatever concerns you. It could be you feel like you have caused this bad fortune, e.g. getting diabetes when you eat high sugar food. This doesn't mean it's the case, but the general guilt we often have about decisions in our life might come back to haunt us.

You married a devil

If you witness your marriage with a devil in your dream, it is pretty sure to be about someone you have or had romantic feelings about. You could be worried about their character or whether or not they are a healthy match for you. You might see someone else marrying a devil in your dream, this too could be a worry about them.

However, as the devil is an often ambivalent figure, it could also be that this person represents change. This change may take you out of your comfort zone, but it also could be a change for the better. If you dream about marrying the devil, see how you react in the dream. Are you happy about it?

The devil can represent a lot of things, both positive and negative. Think about your circumstance in the dream and also about your current situation. How might it represent the things which have happened to you lately? Have you not been feeling yourself? Dreaming of a devil will likely mean you need a little self-reflection. However, it might just as equally not mean anything at all. It could just be your subconscious throwing images against the wall of your dreams.

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What Does It Mean To Dream About The Devil?