How To Say Princess In Different Languages

By Sheetal B. Updated: March 6, 2022
How To Say Princess In Different Languages

Monarchy has been in existence since historical times and some countries still follow the custom of King, Queens, Prince and Princesses. A Princess is the daughter of a King and Queen. A Princess may or may not be an heir apparent to the throne, may be married or unmarried. This regal rank is conferred through either marriage to prince or by birth to a monarch or a sovereign prince. In contemporary world, while most countries have monarchs as ceremonial heads, only some countries still have an autocratic rule by kings and queens. There are over 190 countries and over 4000 languages which are spoken across the world. However, most languages have many dialects and some are spoken by miniscule percentage of the total world population. Only less than 50 countries have reigning sovereign monarchs today. There are other countries with other types of monarchs like constituent monarchs, pretenders etc. Let’s look at the alternative names of “Princess” in some of the widely known and spoken languages around the world, may it be out of curiosity, or to find original and unique names for girls. At OneHowTo we show you how to say Princess in different languages.


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Princess In Different Languages

Arabic: Ameerah

Afrikaans : Prinses

Bosnian : Princeza

Brazilian: Princesa

Bulgarian: Printsesa

Burmese : Mainsamee

Catalan: Princesa

Croatian : Princeza

Czech : Princezna

Danish : Prinsesse

Dutch : Prinses

Filipino : Prinsesa

Finnish : Prinsessa

French: Princesse

Georgian : Princess

German: Prinzessin

Greek: Prigkipisa

Icelandic :Prinsessa

Indonesian: Puteri

Irish: Banphrionsa

Italian: Principessa

Japanese : Ōjo

Korean : gongju

Latin : Princeps

Malay: Puteri

Norwegian: Prinsesse

Portuguese: Princesa

Romanian: Prințesă

Spanish: Princesa

Slovenian : Princess

Swedish: Princess

Turkish : Prenses

Urdu: Shahzadi

Vietnamese: công chúa



How to say Princess in Indian languages

Among the Indian languages a few of the literal translations yield the below ways in which princess can be said:


Bengali: Rajkumari

Hindi : Rajkumari

Gujarati : rājakunvarī

Kannada : Rājakumāri

Marathi : Rājakumārī

Punjabi : Rājakumārī

Tamil : Iḷavaraci

Telugu : Yuvarāṇi


This system of monarchies, which has seen antiquity, the medieval ages and Renaissance, has various such titles and different rights are allotted as per the constitution of that country or sovereign. The above list is not exhaustive and it’s a literal translation. There are many more languages from which such inference is not easy and the word princess in such language can be represented in the local script only. A classic example is Mandarin of China, constituting the largest percentage of spoken language in the world, from which such a translation has not been captured. The nearest such interpretation can be mentioned as the word Gōngzhǔ.

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How To Say Princess In Different Languages
How To Say Princess In Different Languages

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