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How to Report Bullying in School

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Report Bullying in School

School bullying or bullying is a very serious issue that must be handled delicately. Before reporting a situation, you first need to have evidence and be absolutely certain that your child is being subjected to this kind of harassment. However, once you have the necessary evidence, you'll need to act quickly. In this OneHowTo article we'll tell you how to report bullying in school.

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Steps to follow:


The first step to report bullying is to make sure your child is being bullied. If you only have a suspicion, you need to look out for the signs that can help you tell if your child is being bullied or cyber-bullied. If you are sure that your son/daughter is being bullied, you need to immediately get in touch with the school authorities. There you will have to submit files including many kinds of tests.


If the school declines your bullying report or doesn't take any notice,the next step is to turn to the educational inspection. This is a tool for parents to use in the event that the establishment in question refuses to acknowledge the obvious.

Each country has its own mechanisms and institutions for school inspections. Find out what the School inspection authority in your country is and send a written complain regarding your suspicions on child bullying, specifying that you have already informed the school and enclosing all of the evidence you can.

If this does not work, you may have to take this matter even further by sending a letter to your Government figure of the Ombudsman or similar. This is the mechanism that most governments have for citizens to file complaints that can be answered directly from the government.


To report bullying, it is important that the child receives professional help so you can help the child or youth. Put them in skilled hands to provide them with the necessary tools to overcome it.


In a situation involving bullying, it is important to note that parents or guardians of the victim can demand accountability from the institution, as law states that institutions are liable for damages caused to minor age children. For this reason, it is important that schools be made aware of these situations and for them to try to avoid them, this is the only way they can avoid these responsibilities.

How to Report Bullying in School - Step 4

If after you submit the relevant paperwork, present evidence, mediate with the institution or the inspection and still have not gotten a solution to the bullying, the only thing to do is file a complaint. At this point it's better to have the victim enrol in another school, because the child may feel more uncomfortable at the institution with the open legal process.

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  • Search for further counselling offered by NGOs in your country that can help bullying victims.
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jacqueline cabanillas
my daughter has been bullied by the same kids and now its getting fisical there threatening her to hit her in the kids bathrooms and pussing her around
Tamera Yust
My grandchild is being bullied by the high school principle, who also serves as the Superintendent, and is friends with the police chief in our small school. We need help with this. my grandson is supposed to graduate this year. He is trying so hard to get an education and the administration is really making it hard for him to achieve this. Please help. Lawsuits take time and the chain of command is at the top already....
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Tamera,

If you think a teacher is mistreating a student and you are concerned about corruption, then you will have to take it to a higher authority. You said you have reached the chain of command, but everyone has a boss. Abusers of power often make it seem like they are in supreme command, but there will be someone they have to answer to. This is especially the case in education. It will depend on your location, but you can report them to the department of education of where you live or speak to the appropriate government department or representative.

However, if this educator is a reasonable person, have you been able to sit down and speak with them? Can you try to work out the problem they have with your grandson and resolve the issues? If they are not being just, it is unlikely your grandson will be the only victim. Look to your community for appropriate support and see what comes from it.
My name is Michael and Im the founder of Protect All Children From Bullying, have you reached out to local Facebook Communities? By reaching out to others in your area, you could get a better idea of how many other students have also been in the same situation as your child.
I know that this is a year past your post, but reach out to your local city officials, house reps, state senate. There are many awesome people that are in positions of authority that are willing to help step in, you just have to contact them and start a communication with them.
Hope everything worked out well for your grandchild,
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How to Report Bullying in School