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Benefits of Communal Living

By Sara . Updated: June 3, 2018
Benefits of Communal Living

Living alone has its own perks such as privacy and peace. But sometimes it can get a bit lonely especially when you are a single parent, an older person or a college student. Also, it is a bit heavy on the pocket as you have to bear all the expenses. At such a time living in a community is the best option. Living in a community, also known as communal living is a growing trend. After all you get to share not only your bills, but also your emotions and life. There are many other benefits of communal living which are listed in this oneHOWTO article.

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  1. Sense of belonging
  2. Split the bills
  3. Learning new skills
  4. Cooperation and Competition
  5. Friends for Life
  6. Instill the habit of sharing
  7. Security
  8. Sharing worries
  9. Blessing for single parent

Sense of belonging

People who live alone are often depressed or sometimes even become bipolar. For such people Communal living can be a blessing in disguise. Living together can instill a sense of belonging making people happy. Depressed people can show signs of improvement once they start living in community. Even a lunch or dinner with others can make a person happy. Potluck dinner and other such social gatherings organized within a community also help in bringing people closer.

Split the bills

The most amazing thing about communal living is splitting the bill. Your expenditure will decrease and people can even suggest ways to save money by cutting off the expenditure. Also, cooking for one individual might cause lots of wastage of both food and money. But there is no worry about such things in communal living.

If you have the space, having a communal orchard can really make a difference in your shopping list.

Benefits of Communal Living - Split the bills

Learning new skills

Communal living means you get to meet and talk with lots of people. Most some of these people possess various skills. Anyone within the community who is interested in learning these skills can consult the person and learn it, without having to spend a fortune on classes. You can also learn some basic surviving skills such as cooking. Those who love cooking might find in communal living the greatest blessing as they can share recipes and learn and taste some new food every day.

Also other skills such as carpentry, making earthen pots and others can be learnt from another person living in the same community.

Cooperation and Competition

Once you start living in a community you will find people quite cooperative. Everyone helps everyone else. So, you too will be willing to help and cooperate with others. Also, if a person in a community does something noteworthy, others applaud the person. But if someone is a failure, the community supports him or her and encourages him to try again. Just make sure that communal living works properly.

For students, communal living can be an amazing experience. Students having the same stream can join each other in studies. Also, this creates a healthy competitive vibe.

Benefits of Communal Living - Cooperation and Competition

Friends for Life

You might not be a social person. But communal living allows us to meet a wide variety of people. So, even the most un-social person can find a friend or two. Basically you will never feel lonely once you start living in a community. Also, some of these friendships are so strong that they last a lifetime.

Instill the habit of sharing

Living in a community from a very young age can instill the habit of sharing in a child. This is especially important to instill healthy social ethics in children and teach them to respect others. Also, instead of being left alone with gadgets, children living in community interact and play with each other. This helps in giving them the adequate amount of exercise.

Benefits of Communal Living - Instill the habit of sharing


If there isn’t a thief living in the community dressed as an honest man, then a community is the safest place to live. People are acquainted with each other and take care of other’s. Hence there are less crimes and people live peacefully.

Sharing worries

It is said that to lessen your pain you need to share it. People living in community are like a close knit society. So, they share each other’s sorrow and even help each other when in need.

Benefits of Communal Living - Sharing worries

Blessing for single parent

For a single parent, leaving their children alone while they go to work is the greatest source of tension. But living in a community allows them to get to their work without any worry. There is always an elderly person or someone else who can babysit his/ her children.

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Benefits of Communal Living