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How to Disguise your Handwriting

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Disguise your Handwriting

At school children are taught how to form letters using hand lettering practice work sheets. However, every child grows up to have their own and distinctive handwriting style despite using the same template. Less people are now using pen and paper given that many traditional forms of writing have gone digital. It is common to say that doctors have some of the most illegible handwriting styles while artists have some of the most beautiful calligraphy styles. There are a few ways that you can disguise your handwriting by working towards changing the way you slant your words or strike your letters.

In this OneHowTo article we explain several ways on how to disguise your handwriting.

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  1. Start writing in block letters
  2. Choose a new writing style
  3. Change your pen
  4. Use tracing paper

Start writing in block letters

Cursive writing tends to be most peoples' go-to choice given that this style is faster and flows more easily. It may be that doctors abuse of this characteristic so that they can write medical jargon in less time. Cursive writing is quite personal and many people have developed distinctive habits on the way they slant and terminate strokes.

On the opposite side, since not many people write in block letters and they don’t practice caps that often, most often people use simple and plain block lettering styles. It takes longer to write in block letters, so slowing down to write may help you focus on how you want your writing to look like.

How to Disguise your Handwriting - Start writing in block letters

Choose a new writing style

You may be surprised how many fonts, such as modern or Gothic fonts, there are available in every style. Many websites have a large database of fonts that you can download onto your computer. Once you have chosen your font write the alphabet on blank piece of paper and print it.

You are initially, repeating the same process you were taught when learning how to write as a child. If you want to change your handwriting fast, you have to practice your new writing style. The more times you go at it, the more comfortable it will become and the easier it will be to use your new style.

How to Disguise your Handwriting - Choose a new writing style

Change your pen

It is often underestimated the importance of the pen or pencil on people’s handwriting. Ink pens flow much more easily on paper while ball point pens tend to require stronger force and pressure.

If you are used to writing with a ball point pen, try switching to an ink pen. Many people prefer to slow down when trying to disguise their handwriting so that they take proper care as to don’t make a mistake. Nonetheless, you may try going the opposite route and speed up your handwriting. Think about extending your words, being less precise and don’t be too careful.

Use tracing paper

The best way to ensure accuracy is by following a plan. At school you are asked to create a plan, a draft or an outline for your paper so that you reduce the chances of getting a bad grade. If it is only a small piece of writing that you want to use a different writing style on, then you may want to use tracing paper to make sure it is exact.

That is, you first have to write the text on a piece of paper as many times until you are happy with the result. Then use tracing paper to write on top of it so that you are working your way slowly; but steadily without any mistakes. The paper is your guide you just have to follow it.

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How to Disguise your Handwriting