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How to Write an Epithet about Yourself

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. March 30, 2017
How to Write an Epithet about Yourself

An epithet is a rhetorical adjective phrase or figure of speech, generally used for characterizing a thing, person or place. Since ages, authors have used it as a descriptive device of literature with an aim to making someone’s characteristic more prominent than otherwise. Sometimes, it is also referred to as a descriptive title or a by-name. Even Shakespeare has used some in his literary works, such as ‘star crossed lovers’ in Romeo and Juliet. The epithet that you give yourself should be true, honest and should describe the most notable characteristic of your overall personality. Read this oneHOWTO article to find out how to write an epithet about yourself.

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  1. Why write an epithet about yourself
  2. Types of epithets
  3. Use of epithets in literature
  4. Step by step instructions to write an epithet

Why write an epithet about yourself

When you write an epithet, you will be able to describe your character more vividly and intensely in order to give a richer meaning to the explanation of your personality. Since an epithet is frequently used as a literary device, it is extremely helpful in making a broader description of someone, thus making it easier and quicker to understand. With the help of an epithet, you can develop a suitable image for yourself in less number of words. In addition to this, an epithet can also make your description or text stronger and more vibrant.

Types of epithets

Before you start thinking about an epithet about yourself, you need to understand its different types of epithet. They are:

  • Kennings: Kennings are usually two-word phrases that are used to describe a person with the use of metaphors.
  • Fixed epithets: These types of epithets are usually found in epic poems in which they are used repeatedly for the same person, thing or place. For instance, the Mughal emperor Akbar is frequently referred to as ‘Akbar the Great’ in many Indian poems, serials and historical texts.
  • Argumentative epithets: These epithets are used by expert narrator and speakers to give hints to the reader or listeners.
  • Smear words: This kind of epithet is a usually an offensive term given to something or someone.

Use of epithets in literature

Many legends of literature have frequently used epithets to describe their characters, including Shakespeare and Homer. In addition, contemporary American comic writers also give epithets to their characters, such as ‘The Man of Steel’ for Superman, ‘The Dark Knight’ for Batman and ‘The Ghost Who Walks’ for Phantom. In literature, epithets are used as glorified nicknames for the characters, basically to represent their style and character. Originally, they were meant to replace hard-to-pronounce names of characters, but gradually they became an elegant way to elevate characters’ personality and position.

How to Write an Epithet about Yourself - Use of epithets in literature

Step by step instructions to write an epithet

Before you come up with an epithet about yourself, you will need to do a little bit of brainstorming first. There will be several things that you will have to think about, including:

  1. Identify your unique physical characteristics, such as green eyes, long hands, curly hair, etc. Think about ‘She with the curly hair’, ‘the green eyed’ and others.
  2. Talk about your prevailing personality traits, like ‘the humorous’, ‘the angry boy’, ‘the joker of the class’ etc.
  3. Think about any important roles that you play in your life, such as ‘daughter of …..’, ‘beloved student of ………. Ma’am’, etc. Make sure that the person you fill in the blank should be a notable and recognizable personality of yourself.
  4. Consider your hobbies and interests that everyone is aware of, such as ‘the Drummer of the Troop’, ‘the Coin Collector’ etc.
  5. Once you have identified a few traits, and if you are not satisfied with only one, then you may even string a couple of them together, such as ‘the green eyed coin collector’ etc.

The epithet that you choose for yourself should be clear, concise and true. Remember not to include any negative qualities in it, as it may become a subject of joke among others. Your epithet should be a brief description of who you are, how you are, and what your most attractive points are.

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How to Write an Epithet about Yourself