How to encourage a positive family atmosphere

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to encourage a positive family atmosphere

Each family is a world in itself and each comes with its own set of problems as well as jewels. The environment that children grow up in will directly and significantly influence the person that they become. It is up to the adults in the family to provide a peaceful coexistence based on love and respect. Education, attitudes and habits mostly begin at home, and are strengthened by school and friends. In this article, you'll find some recommendations on ensuring that your home is a positive and enriching environment for your child to flourish.

Steps to follow:

Limits. Many times we find it difficult to put limits on our children for fear that they will become upset with us. However, you must remember that this is our task as parents, we are responsible in placing those limits. Children should learn to accept no for an answer. While they will be angry with us at the beginning, it is necessary for them to develop discipline and respect.


Rights and obligations. Children have the right to play and be kids, but they also have certain obligations. Within these obligations are everyday activities like going to school or helping with chores. Gradually, they have to start taking on more responsibilities. As they grow, their responsibilities should increase. It is important to recognize and reward your child when they complete a chore or task that was assigned to them, and to always keep the chores age-appropriate.

How to encourage a positive family atmosphere - Step 2

Respect. An open and clear communication is the basis of respect. Children should learn to speak without insulting and with respect for all family members. For the coexistence to be successful it is essential that problems are discussed in a calm manner and resolved quickly. Violent impulses such as slamming doors or throwing objects are not positive, they do not allow solve anything.

Your child will pick up on your mannerisms. If you shout and act violently, chances are that your child will do the same. Try to always keep your cool around your kids; be firm but calm.

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Schedules. Both parents and children should devote some time of day to being with the family. While often everyone's schedules are varied, it is important to try to find time to be together. For example, dinner is a good time to talk and share the experiences of the day. Studies have found that children who regularly have dinner at the table with their families do better in school and have better behavior. Make it a point that everyone is present at the dinner table.

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Overprotection. It sometimes happens that due to the overprotection given to children, they do not take care responsibility for their mistakes and we justify these. Always keeping in mind that our children are still children, it is important for them to take responsibility for their mistakes so they do not commit them again.


Complaining. Running a household and bringing up a family is not easy, but you must try to enjoy it to the fullest. Remember that a negative attitude will transfer to your children. Keeping a positive attitude is a skill that must be trained, and can make all the difference in the family atmosphere.


Delegate. The division of work tasks is important. One single family member cannot do the work of everyone, that is why it is essential to delegate tasks. Depending on the age of each of your children and the time available to each, try to set them chores. Like this you will not feel that you are the only one that is running the house because the home belongs to everyone and it is everyone's responsibility to keep it running properly.


Affection. The demonstration of affection is essential for anyone, especially for those people who are part of the family. Do not deprive yourself of showing them how much you love them and how important they are to you. Try to recognize them when they do something well and congratulate them on their achievements. Positive stimulus is essential to grow in a happy home.


Traditions. It is important to create and maintain traditions to create a happy family atmosphere. Traditions encourage family bonding and make lasting memories. They can be anual, monthly or even weekly traditions. The important part is that they are cherished and involve the whole family. You can decide to make an arts and crafts night, making toys out of recycled materials, or making a baking day, where you make simple cookies.

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How to encourage a positive family atmosphere
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How to encourage a positive family atmosphere

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