What to Do when a Mirror Breaks

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 20, 2017
What to Do when a Mirror Breaks

For the more superstitious, a mirror smashed into a million pieces is a very bad omen that brings evil with it. There is a saying that says the curse for breaking a mirror is seven years of bad luck but... how can you avoid such a horrible curse? If you believe in superstitions and you are terrified when this happens, read the following article on oneHOWTO. This time we give some necessary tips so you know what to do when a mirror breaks. Leave aside the bad luck and bad omens though, just in case, pay attention to the following tips because, as you know, better safe than sorry. Take note, darlings!

Why is breaking a mirror bad luck?

The origin of the bad luck associated with a mirror that is broken is ancient. Before the creation of mirrors, it was thought that all that the reflections of a human (in rivers, ponds, lakes or the sea) were part of oneself, like the soul. When observing these images, any movements or distortions spelt a bad omen. With the appearance of mirrors, this belief led to the breaking of it - by accident or not - to express a few years of bad luck.

How to reverse bad luck from breaking a mirror

But what to do if you break a mirror by accident? First, when a mirror breaks into a thousand pieces, you must pick up the individual pieces. In doing so, be careful so not to cut yourself or to suffer any damage. Remember that glass can be a hazardous material, therefore, it is advisable to pick up the pieces with a broom and dustpan.

Once you have them, do not simply toss them in the bin. To avoid and to dodge bad luck, you must reuse the glass for a craft or you can even turn it into fine powder and then get rid of it under the shining moon.

What to Do when a Mirror Breaks - How to reverse bad luck from breaking a mirror

Mirrors and salt

One of the techniques known to reverse bad luck from breaking a mirror is to throw salt behind ones' shoulders. In many cultures salt is a symbol of auspiciousness, so if you accidentally break one of your mirrors, we invite you to take a handful of salt and throw it with the right hand over your left shoulder. Magic! Remember to do it over the left shoulder because if you do it on the right it is considered that it attracts even more bad luck.

If you're a little superstitious but you have repaired the mirror or done as we say, we invite you to take a relaxing bath which in addition to containing the fortune of salt , it will help to drive away evil thoughts. Do it now!

What to Do when a Mirror Breaks - Mirrors and salt

Mirrors and the moon

The lunar influence has a lot to do with the esoteric, therefore, one of the major recommendations if you break a mirror by accident is to use one of his pieces to see how the moon is reflected in it. This should be done right on the first full moon after the mirror is broken. Remember how positive it is to keep the pieces of mirror, some are confident that with this method significantly reduces bad luck. Why not try it?

Protection gemstones

What's more effective to reverse bad luck from breaking a mirror than a powerful amulet? It is a perfect to protect you from incidents like the cracking of a mirror. Among the most popular charms are lucky four-leaf clovers, a horseshoe or precious stones. Seek out yours and good luck!

On OneHowTo you can discover the stones to bring you good luck if you want to find yours.

What to Do when a Mirror Breaks - Protection gemstones

Breaking a mirror by accident can happen very easily and yet, it could spell disaster for you, your friends and family. If no further incidents occur, prevent bad luck by always thinking positive and by being optimistic. If you hold on to negative thoughts it will be easier for fate when everything goes wrong. Perhaps if you do not believe in curses, you soon find yourself doomed for eternity.

On oneHOWTO there are some tips so you know how to attract positive energy with your thinking and your actions.

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Sana Issa
What about if I need to break a mirror on purpose? I need to get rid of a bathroom mirror that is glued to the wall. There is no way to remove it without it breaking. Would the above methods work if I was to breaking it on 'purpose'? Thanks
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Sana,

Superstitions are personal issues which rely only on your own perception of how the world works. This article represents the belief of superstitious people, but many do not believe nor is there any scientific evidence to support the idea of having bad luck form such an action. If you are also superstitious, then we understand there may be a personal concern. However, we know lots of people who have broken mirrors for various reasons and have been able to live healthy and happy lives afterwards.
Dave Novak
i broke a mirror so it would take up less space in the trash bin. ever since bad luck hit me like a bus. the trash company already hauled it away and the shards are gone. i dont know what to do. my $130 bike actually broke earlier on a ride because of bad luck and it cant be fixed. so now THAT has to go in the trash too. i need help. i dont like this.

What to Do when a Mirror Breaks
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What to Do when a Mirror Breaks

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