How to write the numbers 1 to 30 in English

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to write the numbers 1 to 30 in English

Learning English and mastering it fluently is increasingly important not only when travelling to foreign countries but also when finding a job that involves liaising with international or relating to tourism. As a result, it's best to start with the basics, including what the numbers are. The numbers in English are pretty easy to say, but writing them can be more complicated because some are not spelled the way they sound. For that reason, we're going to explain how to write the numbers 1 to 30 in English. In addition, on you'll find other articles explaining how to write the numbers 0 to 50 in English.

The numbers 1 to 30 in English

In this list we'll show you how to write the numbers 1 to 30 in English:

  • 1 is written: one // and pronounced: (wan)
  • 2 is written: two// and pronounced: (tu)
  • 3 is written: three // and pronounced: (zri)
  • 4 is written: four // and pronounced: (for)
  • 5 is written: five // and pronounced: (faif)
  • 6 is written: six // and pronounced: (siks)
  • 7 is written: seven // and pronounced: (sevn)
  • 8 is written: eight // and pronounced: (eit)
  • 9 is written: nine // and pronounced: (nian)
  • 10 is written: ten // and pronounced: (ten)
  • 11 is written: eleven // and pronounced: (ilevn)
  • 12 is written: twelve // and pronounced: (twelv)
  • 13 is written: thirteen // and pronounced: (thurtin)
  • 14 is written: fourteen// and pronounced: (fortin)
  • 15 is written: fifteen// and pronounced: (fiftin)
  • 16 is written: sixteen// and pronounced: (sixtin)
  • 17 is written: seventeen // and pronounced: (seventin)
  • 18 is written: eighteen// and pronounced: (eihtin)
  • 19 is written: nineteen// and pronounced: (niantin)
  • 20 is written: twenty // and pronounced: (tuenti)
  • 21 is written: twenty one // and pronounced: (tuenti wan)
  • 22 is written: twenty two // and pronounced: (tuenti tu)
  • 23 is written: twenty three // and pronounced: (tuenti zri)
  • 24 is written: twenty four // and pronounced: (tuenti for)
  • 25 is written: twenty five // and pronounced: (tuenti faif)
  • 26 is written: twenty six // and pronounced: (tuent sixi)
  • 27 is written: twenty seven // and pronounced: (tuenti sevn)
  • 28 is written: twenty eight // and pronounced: (tuenti eiht)
  • 29 is written: twenty nine // and pronounced: (tuenti nian)
  • 30 is written: thirty // and pronounced: (cirti)

Video of how the numbers are written in English

On OneHowTo we also have a video available that shows how to say the numbers in English. You can listen as Michelle pronounces them, then you repeat them at home and learn to pronounce them perfectly.

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How to write the numbers 1 to 30 in English
How to write the numbers 1 to 30 in English

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