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What Does It Mean If You Dream About Flying?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 31, 2019
What Does It Mean If You Dream About Flying?

Dreaming of flying means something positive, in most cases at least. Many of the dreams which need interpretation have characteristically creepy or disturbing images, like spiders or rats. This doesn't mean these dreams are necessarily creepy or disturbing. In the same way, dreaming of flying also has open ended interpretations. They may involve soaring freely, but might also reveal worries as much as aspirations. Don't worry if something traumatic involving flying occurs in your dream. They aren't direct premonitions of the future, even if they might be able to inform how you move forward in your life. oneHOWTO looks into what does it mean if you dream about flying?

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Flying in midair

One common type of dream is when you fly in the air, with nothing around you but empty space. When we fall asleep, we often feel a heaviness. It is as if the emotional weight of the day becomes physical, making us overwhelmed. When we finally drift off to sleep, this weight gets lifted. It is no surprise that our subconscious mind might create images of flying, of being weightless and free. Dreaming of flying can be as simple as our minds creating images to show us the relief of falling asleep.

As we said before, many of our dreams are quite depressing affairs. They can be a panoramic view of our greatest fears, a disturbing movie screening put on by our deepest darkest thoughts. But our subconscious isn't always trying to bum us out. Every once in a while, they can provide a little light entertainment and make us feel good. We often say to our kids before bed, 'sweet dreams'. Dreaming of flying could be just one of these sweet dreams of freedom and exhilaration.


How do you feel when flying?

It is important to remember that your response to flying in a dream is as important as anything. If you dream you are flying, smiling and feeling safe, then it is likely a positive dream. However, if you are scared, fearful of falling and just want to get down, then it is obvious that this flying isn't smooth sailing (or flying).

If you are scared as you fly, it could mean that you are worried about doing something new. As much as we have tried, humans have not yet evolved the ability to fly. In this way, flying might be a sign of doing something in your life which seems unnatural. Maybe you have been put into a situation which makes you uncomfortable, a new job or or moving to a new city perhaps. Dreaming of flying and being scared when doing so might be a sign you are worried you are doing something which doesn't feel right.

Nervousness about flying in your dream is also common. It might be nerve-wracking, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is scary. Maybe you are nervous about a future challenge or something you are already going through, but this is normal. Flying might be a new experience, but it doesn't mean it is a bad one.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Flying? - Step 2

Flying away from something

The circumstances of how you fly might also help us properly interpret your flying dream. If you are in a situation on the ground and then jump up into the air or jump form a high place, it is important to think of what was happening on the ground.

If in your dream you are being chased, attacked or are in any threatening situation, then flying might be a sign you need some sort of relief from these problems. We often talk about wanting to fly away from our troubles, perhaps your dream is providing a form of release in your sleep. If you are having a particular tough or stressful time, then think about what you might want to fly away from. It could be a bad relationship, being stuck in a job you hate or any number of stressors.

The hustle and bustle of life on the ground might simple be the catalyst for wanting to get away. If you are flying in midair with nothing around you, then not only can you not see anything, but no one can see you. Perhaps you have some feelings of guilt which are making it difficult to interact with other people. If human interaction is difficult at the moment, maybe your dream is revealing your desire to get away, to not be found out or to at least not be around for people to find out. Again, think of how you feel about flying in the dream. If it's a great relief, then it must be a relief from something.


Dreaming of obstacles

Equally, your dream of flying might be a race through obstacles. Just like a flying scene in Star Wars, you might be dodging attacks or winding through chicanes. What these obstacles are could be just about anything. They will likely have some correlation to your waking life. Do they represent family? Study? a fear of technology?

At different times we can feel like modern life is simply a set of obstacles attempting to trip us up. Maybe you have been reading a lot of news and feel like everything is out to get you. It's likely a dream of flying might represent a quick trip through a land of badness.

Conversely, we might dream we fly over a green forest, a lush and beautiful area which makes us feel serene. This could be a recent success or obstacle you have overcome, you dream rewarding you with some beautiful imagery.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Flying? - Step 4

Dreaming of flying in space

A whole new article could be written about what dreaming of space might mean. However, if you are dreaming of flying in space, it can have a specific meaning. This might be related to age. Space represents the unknown and it can be dangerous or adventurous depending on your approach to it. If you are younger, maybe you have been thinking of what sort of life you are going to have. Maybe you have been told you can 'reach for the stars' and your dream is merely providing a visual representation of future possibilities.

If you are older or have been dealing with illness, it is possible that space represents something more unknowable. Maybe you are thinking (not necessarily worried) about your mortality. You might dream you fly in space as a way to address these possibilities of what might happen after death. Again, your emotional and physical state in the dream is important in interpreting it.


Falling back down

Remember, like Buzz Lightyear famously learned, falling and flying are not the same thing. If you dream you are falling, we have some thoughts over what it might mean. If you dream you are flying, but then suddenly fall to the ground, maybe you have had a bad experience which has provided a left turn in your otherwise happy life. It could also be you are worried about something which will force you in the wrong direction.

This could be a rival in sports, a project at work you fear you are unable to complete or even an irreconcilable rift in a relationship. If you dream of flying and then fall, it could mean you are feeling a little insecure or are starting to lack a confidence you previously held firm. Maybe you should discuss these feelings with someone, a trusted friend or even a mental health professional if it is getting to be too much.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Flying? - Step 6

Never get off the ground

When you dream you fly but in the dream you are resistant to the idea of flying and you want to stay on land this could reflect that you are being very rigid, clinging to your comfort zone and not challenging yourself. You like to keep your feet firm on the ground and have everything under control, perhaps it is time to relax a little and make room for some changes in your life.

Whatever happens in your dream of flying, know that it is up to you to think about what it might mean to your unique set of circumstances. These thoughts from oneHOWTO are just here to get you started on what they might be.

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Antonio Meadows
In most dreams I can fly, then it stopped and now it's started again but this time I fly with white Angelic feathers.
Had a dream last night about being attacked by some persons but I was with a younger brother and we fought, run, fight and in the end I carried him and in my arms and fly when there is no road.

Any interpretation to this?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Antonio,

We can't give a specific interpretation, but since the dream features your brother, you should think about your relationship. Has something happened? If they are still around, maybe your subconscious is telling you to get in touch. Even if it's not, it might just be good to reconnect or catch up.
i dream twice of preparing for a ride in a plane. whats the meaning of my dream
willow smith
Flying in a dream means you have escaped an authoritarian death and know it subconsciously and maybe consciencly...but are post traumatic about it ..have unresolved issues and are still in danger ...and are processing the circumstances at night as you rest seeking resolution...flying is invincible thing humans can't do to escape literally means that your being persuited by death in some's a symptom that you are in some kind of real danger......not fear related but literal danger....something is established against fly to escape escape bondage. Fly out you walk...a predator lurks in the darkness lift up and fly to escape's not a positive dream but it alleviates the trauma of long term endangerment .most fly dreams are when people are endangered. Racially or times of war...under side of organised crime or have escaped arrest for a crime .know more about a conspiracy than innocence does or have deeper more interconnected lives or responsibility than is acceptable for a teenager in high school to deal with or accept....adults have the same dreams children do...dreams are ageless...all ages. Have the same dreams. But interpretations might vary by race or Geno type....
what does dreaming about eat means?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Emmanuel

Dreaming about food can have a lot of different meanings, including hunger or the idea that you are digesting ideas.

For more information, follow this link about dreaming
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What Does It Mean If You Dream About Flying?