A Person from Senegal Is Called ... The Answer

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. June 21, 2017
A Person from Senegal Is Called ... The Answer

Senegal is one of the countries with the most tourism in West Africa. In this country you will find a large mix of ethnic groups, beautiful natural landscapes and a culture rooted in tradition. The people of Senegal belong to a number of ethnic groups - Wolof, Fula, Serer, Jola, Malinké, and Soninke - and coexist peacefully across the country. However, if we take the country as a whole, a person from Senegal is called Senegalese.

This oneHOWTO brings you on a journey of discovery through this country and its people so you'll know what to call people from Senegal.

Inhabitants of Senegal

The name of the country, Senegal, comes from the river Senegal that crosses through the nation. In the middle of Senegal there's something quite unusual: another country, Gambia, also named after a river running through its borders. The two territories united to form Senegambia Confederation in February 1982, however, the union of the two countries was never carried out and the Confederation was broken in 1989.

Thus, the people of Senegal are called Senegalese because they reside along the river that gives its name to the country.

Moreover, there are several ethnic groups that form Senegal, 20 according to a recent study. Let's take a look at the major ethnic groups we can find in the country and what to call them:

  • The Wolof group is the largest in the country, with 43.3% of its population being Wolof. Wolof people also have thier own language and is an ethnic group that also populate Gambia.
  • Fulas have their own language and represent 23.8% of the total Senegalese population. Their name varies, though the most common names used in English are Fula, Fulbe or Fulani.
  • The Serer are also a major ethnic group in Senegal, although they are also found in areas of Gambia and Mauritania, as they originated in the valley of the Senegal rives, which borders Senegal and Mauritania.
  • The Jola people, also known as Diola, are found in the Casamance region as well as Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. There are several dialects in the Jola language.

As you can see, there are so many ethnic groups in Senegal that, if you have to refer to just one person or group of people, it is best you identify them by their ethnicity, as they may feel more related to it than if you call them Senegalese.

Some facts about Senegal

Now that you know how to call the people of Senegal, it is worth knowing a little more about this country. Read on to some important fun facts about this African country.

  • The capital of Senegal is Dakar, which is also the name of the rally where many motorsport enthusiasts compete each year. Spanish athletes like Nani Roma and Marc Coma have taken this prize home.
  • Lake Retba, a bright pink lake, is one of Senegal's main tourist attractions. The stunning color is caused by the lake's high salt content and a type of bacteria that lives in it. This lake is located in the Cape Verde area.
  • Senegalese people often cook while squatting or sitting on very low stools. They eat with the right hand (they never use the left, it is reserved for other uses) and they do not drink anything until the main course is over, as doing so is considered rude.
  • Senegalese cuisine is delicious. Traditional dishes are cooked with rice and chicken.
A Person from Senegal Is Called ... The Answer - Some facts about Senegal

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A Person from Senegal Is Called ... The Answer