Appropriate Gifts for Someone who Miscarried

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: July 3, 2019
Appropriate Gifts for Someone who Miscarried

People rarely know what to say or do for someone who recently had a miscarriage. Many people are unsure of how to handle such situations. After a miscarriage, the feelings of sadness, loss and confusion are overwhelming for most. But a little kindness from friends and family and get them through the sad days. Thoughtful gifts can actually help in pulling them out of the darker state of mind. If you have a friend or relative who recently went through a miscarriage, here are a few appropriate gifts for someone who miscarried. You can use one of these or all of them, because they will really make a difference for her. Read on this article for these nice gift ideas.

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Flowers are appropriate gifts for almost anytime, whether happy or sad. Having cheerful things around can actually improve the mood of your friend who is so drenched in feelings of sadness and remorse. Orchids can be great flowers for such occasion, as they last long. Greeks connect them directly with fertility, as those with big tuberous roots are associated with a male child and orchids with little tubers are connected with a female child.

Appropriate Gifts for Someone who Miscarried - Flowers

A forget me not ring

Women can never forget their miscarriages, no matter how many children they reproduce afterwards. So, a ring with a ‘forget me not’ flower design can be an ideal gift for someone who miscarried. However most people will ask her to forget about the child she miscarried, she will keep this ring as a keepsake, and it will always hold a special place in her memory. She may even wear it forever as a reminder of her lost child.

Appropriate Gifts for Someone who Miscarried - A forget me not ring

A pet

While she was pregnant, she prepared herself to be the caretaker for someone coming soon. The feelings of dedication, commitment and responsibility already entered her mind. So, now that she has lost her expected child, do these feelings die as well in an instant? To keep these feelings alive, you can gift her a small pet that will keep her busy and occupied. The pet will fill the gap to some extent, and she will definitely prove to be a great caretaker for it. Make sure the whole family is ready for the pet before going ahead and adopting a pet.

Appropriate Gifts for Someone who Miscarried - A pet

A plant

In addition to keeping her occupied, a small plant as a gift will stay in her garden for years, and help her cope with the feelings of sadness after the miscarriage. She can always see it growing and flourishing in the garden, and have something to take care of after the sad event.

Appropriate Gifts for Someone who Miscarried - A plant

A small angel statue

It was definitely a holy soul that went away before time. It’s a departure that everybody is sad about. An angel statue can serve as a reminder of the soul that never came in her arms. It was an elated being that God needed more than you. So, a miscarried mother can keep this small gifted angel statue in her cupboard, and take it out to look at it whenever she feels low. She can also keep it in her living room and make the statue a part of her household.

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Appropriate Gifts for Someone who Miscarried
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Appropriate Gifts for Someone who Miscarried

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