How to convert months, days and seconds

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to convert months, days and seconds

The capacity to calculate and convert time units, is a useful and practical skill. For example, you can calculate your monthly income, if you know your daily wage, or you can measure productivity by calculating how many times a day or a month a task is performed. You can also convert a large number of seconds in days and months to get a clearer picture of a period of time. You only need strong dividing and multiplying skills, as well as accurate manual calculation skills.

Steps to follow:

Multiply the number of days by 86.400 to calculate the equivalent in seconds; for months, multiply by 2.592.000, for example:

  • If you want to calculate how many seconds are 4 days, you need to do the following operation: 4 * 86.400 = 345.600 seconds
  • If you want to know the number of seconds there are in 3 months you need to: 3 * 2.592.00 = 7.776.000 seconds

Divide a large number of seconds by 86.400 to find its equivalent in days and by 2.592.000 for its approximate equivalent in months, for example:

  • 300.000 seconds are equivalent to approximately 3.47 days (300.000/86.400 = 3.47 days). The value of 3.47 in days is synonymous to approximately 3 1/2 or 2 days and 12 hours.
  • 3.000.000 seconds are equivalent to 1,16 months (3.000.000/2.592.000 = 1.16 months). The value of 1,16 months is 1 +(16/100) 30 or approximately 1 month & 5 days.

Add the exact number of days for the chosen months. As the number of days in a certain month vary, multiplying the number of months by a specific number will not give exact results.


Divide the number of days by 30.44 to convert them into months, as there are months with different number of days and the average is 30.44, for example:

90 days would be 3 months, or approximately 2,95 months. Again, this is not a totally accurate result, as the number of days in a month varies, but it's quite a reliable calculation.

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  • You can use online calculators, such as the one offered by Unit-Conversion ( to accurately calculate seconds, days and months. Remeber you need to follow step 2 to know what the decimal numbers mean.
  • Apart from converting days and months easily, you can also jump to minutes, first,and then to hours with a simple multiplication. For example,360.000 seconds are 6.000 minutes, or 100 hours, therefore, approximately 4,2 days.

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How to convert months, days and seconds
How to convert months, days and seconds

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