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How to Explain the Big Bang Theory to Children

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Explain the Big Bang Theory to Children

One of the most important parts in a child's general education is to explain how the world was created, the place where we live and its origin. Children may want to know about the Big Bang Theory, the scientific theory which explains how life on Earth came into being. It may be a shocking fact for children because of the novelty and the number of new concepts that they must understand and internalize. Therefore, a maximum delivery from the teacher or parent is required, since it is a new and fascinating topic: a child's first approach to the Physical World. OneHowTo.com will easily show you how to explain the the Big Bang theory to children.

You'll need:

  • Photos.
  • Videos.
  • Books.

Steps to follow:


First, children should internalize the concepts of infinite, nothingness and of energy. Children should be aware that everything comes from an infinite space in which there are only particles of energy, the rest is simply nothing or empty.

How to Explain the Big Bang Theory to Children - Step 1

The universal explosion must be explained in detail. Children should understand that particles of matter and energy collide, which led to the explosion and the birth of the Universe.


The concept of origin is very important so that children are aware that the Universe had a beginning and that has nothing to do with what we know now, and it all happened after the explosion.


Also, children must internalize the concepts of matter and evolution: how after the Big Bang matter arose to form the planets and our Milky Way, and therefore all life in general.

How to Explain the Big Bang Theory to Children - Step 4

Finally, let the children see how time has evolved and how the matter that emerged from the impact came to exist in its present form, i.e. with the development of life on planet Earth, the planets in the universe .etc.

How to Explain the Big Bang Theory to Children - Step 5

Keep in mind that the Big Bang Theory, when well explained, can be fascinating and fun for kids, but it also has a significant degree of complexity. When you plan to explain it, do so slowly. Use simple words and allow the child to ask you everything they want to know.

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  • Discuss the topic slowly, little by little, so that they can internalise new concepts.
  • Extensively use pictures or videos that better explain the origin of the universe for children.
  • Visit a museum or exhibition so children get some reference with regards to the subject.
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How to Explain the Big Bang Theory to Children