What Does it Mean when You Dream You Die

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 14, 2017
What Does it Mean when You Dream You Die

Are you having recurring dreams where you die? Although it is disturbing it does not necessarily mean something negative. Dreams often hide certain fears and anxieties. If you dream you die this may have something to do with major changes that will affect your life and not a direct relationship with the end of your life. The dream need not be literal. In oneHOWTO we tell you what it means when you dream you die.

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if you dream you die it may mean that important changes are coming. It is symbolic of transformation and experimentation and usually has a positive connotation for people. This positive development means that you are experimenting and that can lead to insecurity and fear. It need not be something disturbing or alarming, you simply have to interpret it as something good for you even if it does make you a little anxious.


If you experience your own death in dreams it is a clear symbol of positive development. You are about to undergo major changes in your life, you are going to start over and leave the past behind. Death is symbolic of the passing of your most familiar 'you' and its rebirth, leaving all that is negative behind. You are about to become a new and stronger person that is much more goal oriented. Another good interpretation of dreaming that you die is that you bid farewell to all that is bad and harmful.

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Another way to interpret your death in a dream is that you are in a relationship that only gives you pain and discomfort. You are dating someone who disregards or ignores you, this person may have even mistreated you. You are irrelevant, hence you are dying in a metaphorical way. Maybe you should see it as a sign and rethink whether you should continue dating that does not care for you.


It is also possible that dreaming about your death has to do with a need to get out of an obligation or a liability for which you are not prepared. It may be a relationship, a job or a task that makes you very unhappy. Death in this sense is like a loss, which can be love, joy, motivation, enthusiasm or otherwise. But what is very clear is that you should consider certain changes that will result in a full and satisfying life.

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Death has always been interpreted as a vital change and not necessarily something literal. It may involve a complex life full of adversity, a test that you must overcome or an important decision you must take. Anyway, it is a change that you must know how to face. You should not see it as something negative, it is a way to unburden the concerns of everyday life. Death is also a symbol of renewal, rebirth and contact with your inner spiritual self.


Now that you know all the possible meanings of dreaming about death in general, let's take a look at some of the different variants of the dream, which can determine an even more specific meaning to your dream.

What does it mean when you dream you die in a car accident?

Especially if you were the person behind the wheel, this may mean you are living a fast-paced life or you are accelerating too much in some area of your life. In this case, your subconscious may be telling you to slow down and take things easily.

Have you recently learned how to drive? Dreaming of dying in an accident when you are driving can reflect your fear of driving, which is normal in cases where you have just got your license. You shouldn't worry, it is normal to feel nervous at the beginning, but remember that practice makes perfect.

Dreaming that you die in a car accident but you are not the driver has another meaning. In this case, you are reflecting your fears over something that is not under your control. You may be scared of the things may fan out with a certain aspect of your life that you are not in charge of.

Dreaming about dying of cancer

As you know, cancer is a disease that ends with the healthy cells in your body. Thus, in a dream interpretation, dying of cancer may reflect your fears of a negative aspect of your life. You may feel powerless or don't know how to stop this situation or get rid of this negative person in your life. Some bad news or gossip about you may be tearing your reputation apart, which is why you are fearful of how this will end. Get a grasp of this situation, ask for help, so you can stop this negative influence.

Dreaming of dying in a plane crash

In this case, you may be scared or fearful that there is some area of your life, some era that will shortly and abruptly end. If you are not very self-confident, this dream may mean that you have certain goals that you think are difficult to attain. Think about what you want to reach in life and build your self-confidence in order to make your dream come true.

Dreaming that you died and came back to life

Resurrecting after death is something that is not common, Jesus Christ managed to raise from the dead, which is why it may have religious significance if you are a believer. In this case, it may mean a new stage of spiritual conscience. You have a desire do develop your most spiritual side and devout your life to higher contemplation.

On the other hand, the psychological explanation is quite different. If you are not a religious person, this dream may mean that you are ready for a fresh start, and can start looking out for new jobs, relationships or goals. This is a sign that your pursue will end in success in a very short time.

Dreaming that you die and go to heaven

Despite the clear religious connotations of this dream, the explanation can be quite more simple. If you are overflown with work or are in a state of somewhat lethargy lately, your mind is putting you in a place of calm and rest so you can disconnect from all of the problems you have in real life. Just remember how it felt in the dream to understand its meaning to the fullest. Heaven can commonly mean that you are feeling more positive emotions in your awake life, that you are in tune with the calm and peace of the place too.

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I had a dream that these four guys came into my house after the first guy came in delivering a pizza. And they went to this corner of my house where they shot my mom and older sister and then my little sister and I, after a lot of begging and screaming of course. I felt the impact of the bullet and what I would assume was the feeling of dying which was horrible, but despite this I was still awake?? To the point where I was trying to act dead while the gunmen were still present. After they left though I did not try to get any help which worried me. I walked around and saw my family members dead and then lied back down in the spot I died, afraid they would come back.
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What Does it Mean when You Dream You Die