5 Characteristics Of A Good Communicator

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 5, 2018
5 Characteristics Of A Good Communicator

To speak in public, you need preparation and understand how important it is. These five keys to communication will serve you well whenever you are transmitting a message, no matter if it's to a friend, a group of friends or to a large crowd of people. Do not miss this oneHOWTO article to discover 5 characteristics of a good communicator.

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One single important message

We must be clear about what we want to convey. Before communicating our idea, we have to think about what exactly we want to say. It is very important to be able to write it down in one sentence so we don't lose track of what's important while talking.

5 Characteristics Of A Good Communicator - One single important message

Say your speech in a memorable way

Our message competes with many other messages that we receive on a daily basis. In order to remember our own message, we must make it especially interesting and that can be achieved through memorable stories. A good way to try this method out is to begin your speech with a question and ending it with the answer or to create your speech as if it were a story with a beginning, plot and ending so your audience is caught by the story and catches every sentence.

You can also use surprising visual support in order to catch the listener's eye.

5 Characteristics Of A Good Communicator - Say your speech in a memorable way

Connecting language

The language we choose to communicate our message effectively depends on to whom the message is directed. Creating your own language is a mistake which leads us away from our listeners, since how we speak says a lot about us. Language not only refers to the vocabulary, also it refers to the our examples. A good communicator will adapt to the language that is more appropriate for each situation, as he/she knows that it's the most effective way of connecting with the audience.

5 Characteristics Of A Good Communicator - Connecting language

A successful message is one which captures people

Once you have constructed the message, a single big message, which is interesting and in language which brings people together, we have to work on its staging. We have to look into the audience's eyes and read their reactions. And we must be able to change our means of communication according to the reactions we see in our audience. Make every speech different according what you sense interest the people most, going into the details that are more fascinating for the listeners present at that moment.

Invite instead of trying to convince...

When we try to persuade we are not convincing. Only when we are convinced of what we say and are able to transmit this message, will we have the opportunity to be convincing. Persuading others can not be our objective, a good communicator must seem convinced and spread enthusiasm.

5 Characteristics Of A Good Communicator - Invite instead of trying to convince...

Other communication skills

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  • By building our message and communicating it, we get to
  • Forget the things that only we understand. Always remember the things that we feel.

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5 Characteristics Of A Good Communicator
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5 Characteristics Of A Good Communicator

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