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How to Be Happy without a Partner

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Be Happy without a Partner

Are you recently single? Did you just get out of a relationship? The time has come to be happy without a partner! Become reacquainted with yourself, cater to your own needs and dedicate time to your hobbies and interests; that is what you will now be able to do in life.

While it is always painful to end a relationship, you must learn to be optimistic and see the positive side of your new relationship status: see that you are not alone because you have yourself. In this oneHOWTO article we explain how to be happy without a partner and learn how to approach this situation in your life where you will recover your independence.

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Steps to follow:


Whether it is because you have ended a relationship or because you have spent a long time being single, you probably want to know some ways to be happy being single.

The first step in learning to be alone is to see with optimism and positive energy the situation in which you find yourself. You can approach this moment in your life as one in which you are the centre of your own life, one in which you have to go inside yourself to know yourself better and decide where you want to focus your future path. Instead of complaining because you are alone, change your perspective and think how lucky you are to be able to dedicate time to your wishes, dreams and ambitions.

How to Be Happy without a Partner - Step 1

When you are ready to focus on your situation with a positive light, the next step will be to believe and love yourself. One thing should be clear: you can never be happy, neither single or accompanied, if you do not love or respect yourself. Working on your self esteem and self confidence is essential to have a satisfying life where you can truly be happy.

You can not intend to find a partner if you have not learnt to love yourself, to take care of you and respect yourself. If you are incapable of being happy with yourself you will not be happy with anyone else. Remember that happiness begins within you so take care of yourself. Love yourself and you will be able to take on anything. In this OneHowTo article we tell you how to enhance your self esteem so you can learn to love yourself.

How to Be Happy without a Partner - Step 2

As we have already mentioned, being alone you have an advantage that people who are in a relationship do not have: you can devote 100% of your free time to yourself. This means that you can start doing activities you have always wanted to do but have never had the opportunity to carry out, reconnect with old friends or make that dream trip.

If you do not like doing things alone keep in mind that there are now a lot of websites where you can meet people with whom you share common hobbies and interests and without any romantic undertone, just a way to make friends. Be daring and begin to have the life you have always wanted.

How to Be Happy without a Partner - Step 3

To be happy when single it is imperative that you foment your sociability. Staying at home every day or only seeing your parents can make you fall into a depression or make making new plans increasingly difficult. Break this vicious circle of home-work-home and call your friends, your co-workers or whomever you feel like contacting to go for a few beers, go to a concert, the theatre and so on. Make travel plans, be open to people and enjoy your social relationships so to be comfortable with yourself and your life.

But make no mistake: it is not about being out all day, it is about enjoy leisure time in both company and when alone. If you are introverted, and find it difficult to socialize and meet new people, maybe you need to find ways to boost your self-esteem.

How to Be Happy without a Partner - Step 4

One tendency which many people fall into when single is to let themselves go physically. At least during the first months after the breakup you are so apathetic that it is likely that you do not feel like fixing your hair, dressing up or going to the gym. Although it is normal to have a few days of reflection and tranquillity, you should know that feeling good about yourself has a certain momentum that will make your life take on a new perspective.

Look in the mirror and feel comfortable, it is a spark that will impulse your confidence and give you a more positive and open energy when leaving the house. So, although you do not feel like it you must dress up, take care of your hair, your skin and your body; you will see how, little by little, you will start to feel better and livelier.

How to Be Happy without a Partner - Step 5

To be happy without a partner it is important that you remember that your situation has many positive aspects and at OneHowTo we will detail these for you so you can see that you too are a lucky person:

  • You have time to discover who you are
  • You can sign up to any plan you fancy, without having to consult a partner
  • You can dedicate time to your friends and the people you love most
  • You can learn to do everything you have always wanted to do
  • In your life you are the boss and so you depend on nobody
  • The doors are open for you to meet different people and decide if you want them in your life
  • You are never alone: you always have yourself, and there is no better company!
How to Be Happy without a Partner - Step 6

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How to Be Happy without a Partner