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How to Be Happy without Money

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Be Happy without Money

I'm sure that you've heard more than once the saying that money can't buy happiness and it is totally true but it is also true that it helps you carry out your plans and desires. However, it is a mistake to believe that you will only be happy with money because happiness lies within you and it depends on you alone if you want to enjoy it or turn your back on it. If you're having a bad financial streak, don't let it get you down because at OneHowTo, we know how to be happy without money giving you recreational ideas that you don't need money for.

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Steps to follow:


If your friends are always coming up with plans that you can't join in because you have no money, instead of staying on the sidelines, why don't you suggest something that doesn't require much money? We live in a society where the norm is to exchange money for fun and as long as we make plans with people we usually meet these premises and go to a bar, a nightclub, a restaurant, and so on.

But you can have just as good a time without having to partake in this monetary exchange because remember that happiness is within you. Therefore, you can suggest some fun activities to your friends in which everyone can participate, e.g.:

  • Play an outdoor sport: Go for a bike ride, play a game of volleyball or organise a table tennis tournament which you can do at many leisure centres.
  • Organise a lunch or dinner at home: If what you want is to meet up and enjoy a good meal, why not swap the restaurant for a meal at home? To make it more fun and cheaper you can propose that everyone bring something to eat or set a theme for the evening and, everyone makes a traditional Mexican dish, for example.
  • Go to a free concert, a poetry reading in a library or see a film a cinema in a public cultural centre are some of the options you have to enjoy your plans for leisure activities without paying any money. Learn about your city and stay up to date with the news; if there's not plenty of these plans in your area you can organise one of them yourself: for example, a poetry reading in a public park that you can promote through social networks where everyone is welcome. This is just one example of the potential we have and that we just need to discover.
  • If you like dancing and partying, instead of going to nightclubs where you have to pay to get in, you can choose to host a party at home. To make it more fun you can propose that each of your friends bring a close friend of theirs who you don't know, so the party will be livelier and you can meet new people.
How to Be Happy without Money - Step 1

It is also important to remember that if you have a partner, there are many things that you can do together without money. To enjoy the love and company of your partner you don't need to spend money, you just need a little imagination, a bit of enthusiasm and optimism; if you have these three ingredients, you'll be happy without money by making the most of your relationship.

  • A romantic dinner at home is a classic but never fails. But for it to work perfectly you have to recreate the atmosphere in detail so don't forget scented candles, a delicious menu, music to set the mood and arrange to get dressed up for it. The idea is to change your mind set and create an intimate and romantic atmosphere which will make it seem like you are at a great restaurant.
  • If you are film buffs you can organise a home movie night or a movie marathon but for the plan to work well you have to make it feel as if you were at the cinema. So close the windows and draw the curtains, turn up the speaker volume and make some microwave popcorn in the kitchen. For your plan to work well, don't just wear your pyjamas, no, dress as if you were going to the cinema.
  • As for going out, there are also many free and equally romantic options. For example, instead of bringing some snacks to the beach, why not make your own food and have a picnic by the sea? If you live far away from the beach you can do the same thing but go to a mountain or forest. After your meal, you can play a game of cards, go for a nature walk or dare to do much hotter things...like some adventurous public space sex!
How to Be Happy without Money - Step 2

If what worries you most about is that your financial situation is that it prevents you from traveling, breathe easy because it is possible to travel without money (or with very little). Although it seems too good to be true, there are now many options that let you travel with little money and discover new places. Let's give you some tips:

  • There are internet platforms where it is possible to travel through car-sharing therefore, greatly reducing the travel costs.
  • If you want to go away for a longer time, remember that there are ways you can go away in exchange for your work. There are farms or fields that need workers and you can make an exchange: room and board in exchange for your work. This is a good way to go traveling because normally you get some days off when you can discover the area.
  • There are also different sites where you can find places to stay for free by staying with people who are eager to host guests in their home. There are sites like Couchsurfing where the concept is that you sleep on the couch or somewhere else in their home for a cultural exchange.
  • You also have the option of doing a home exchange and travelling without money by staying in the home of another person; yes: you also need to offer your home and let someone else spend their holiday in it.
How to Be Happy without Money - Step 3

You see you can be happy without money, all you need is the right attitude and some imagination. Happiness is at your fingertips and to enjoy it you need to be comfortable in yourself and the life you lead and money is not the means to achieve this spiritual balance. To encourage you to have a more satisfying and fulfilling life, in this OneHowTo article we give you tips for lifting your spirits when you're feeling down.

How to Be Happy without Money - Step 4

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How to Be Happy without Money