How to Make Friends During the Summer

By Sara . Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Make Friends During the Summer

The Sun is shining and the Summer break is getting closer. Everyone is ready for activities like going to summer camps or other outdoor activities. Also, in such beautiful weather, who likes to be cooped up in the room studying? So, it is time for lots of fun activities, to meet new people and making some great friends too. For some people striking a conversation and making friends comes naturally while others struggle a bit when it comes to meeting new people. Keep reading this oneHOWTO article to find out how to make friends during the Summer.

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A visit to museum can be a great way to meet people who share your taste. For example, you might be looking at a statue and musing to yourself about the fine piece of art when someone might come up and start talking to you about it. You won’t even have to find topics to converse in as you already have found a common topic: arts and statues.

How to Make Friends During the Summer - Museums

Summer camp

Summer camp involves lots of activities and you also meet so many new people there. If you want to make friends during the Summer there then the first rule is to smile. If you are rude and sulky then no one would strike a conversation with you. So, just smile and say hi to the person you like the most. Or if you are in some activity like painting then just ask the person next to you for a crayon and strike up a conversation. So simple!

How to Make Friends During the Summer - Summer camp

Go shopping

Shopping in the cool mall is quite relaxing during summer. If you love shopping then it might turn out to be the place where you can make many new friends. Strike up a conversation with a person you want to be friends with by complementing the dress he/she has chosen. Or you can suggest some accessory to go with the outfit they are wearing and soon both of you will find ample things to talk about your favorite hobby: shopping.

How to Make Friends During the Summer - Go shopping

Visit a pool

Relaxing around a pool is the most appealing option for everyone during the summer. Also, you can meet so many new people if you go to a public swimming pool or beach. Lounge in the shade while sipping your drink and strike a relaxing conversation with the person next to you. Start it either by simply smiling or asking what that person is drinking or in any other way.

How to Make Friends During the Summer - Visit a pool

Visit an amusement park

An amusement park, especially a water park is so much fun place to visit during summer. You can cool yourself off while having fun. Also, these activities will bring you in contact with a number of people who are also looking for new friends. So, at such place it’s very easy to start a conversation which can develop into a friendship.

How to Make Friends During the Summer - Visit an amusement park

Join a hobby/ dance/ yoga workshop

Summers are the ideal time for workshops and a number of temporary activities that spring up in the neighborhood. So, enroll yourself in one or many workshops and meet people are eager to meet new people like you.

How to Make Friends During the Summer - Join a hobby/ dance/ yoga workshop

Do you consider yourself an introvert? We can help too!

If you have problems making new friends, fear not. Even though you may be an introvert, the key is to find people in places where you know people share common interests. Be polite, learn to listen and the rest of the conversation will just flow. In addition, read our article how to gain confidence and self-esteem if you need a little help bringing out your extrovert side.

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How to Make Friends During the Summer
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How to Make Friends During the Summer

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