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How To Get Someone To Move Out

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Get Someone To Move Out

It may be a guest, roommate , friend or relative or even someone else with whom you are stuck in your house. Simply asking them to get out may work on a few; but most are just offended or pretend that they can’t understand your hints or just make an excuse to stay a bit longer. To throw out these people you will need a bit of tactic.

In this article we will tell you How to get someone to move out.

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  1. Frist things first
  2. Written communication
  3. Certified letter
  4. If the person refuses to leave
  5. Make them want to leave
  6. Friendly new pet
  7. Uncomfortable situations

Frist things first

A simple and easiest method to get someone to move out of your house is to talk with that person. In a polite tone, at first tell the person the reasons due to which you want him / her to move. After giving the person all your reasons, respectfully ask that person to move out of your house.

How To Get Someone To Move Out - Frist things first

Written communication

If you can’t bring yourself to ask the person to move out of your house, then a simple way is written communication. On a paper write down your reasons as to why you don’t want that person to remain with you any longer. Make sure the other person reads your reasons. You can also send it to the other person through a common friend.

How To Get Someone To Move Out - Written communication

Certified letter

Sending a certified letter to the other person is another polite method of asking the person out of your house. Seek the help of an attorney who will help you to draft a certified letter and send the eviction notice.

How To Get Someone To Move Out - Certified letter

If the person refuses to leave

If none of the polite method work and the person strongly refuses to leave, then move on to some more harsh ways. One way is by simply changing the lock of the door. This simple action has just one straightforward meaning “I don’t want you in my house”. Change the lock and pray that the other person is not such a butt-head that he/she won’t understand.

How To Get Someone To Move Out - If the person refuses to leave
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Make them want to leave

No one likes to live with a person who is irritating. Use this simple rule to get someone out of your house. The best way to irritate a person is disturbing him/her when he/she is sleeping. Since you are living in same house you must know the person’s sleeping schedule. So, when he/she is sleeping talk on your phone or rather scream on your phone in a high pitch voice. Pretend you are fighting with someone. Keep doing it for some days and very soon the other person will be in search of a new address.

How To Get Someone To Move Out - Make them want to leave

Friendly new pet

If the person you are living with has a phobia of certain animals or bird then bring it home as a pet. For example, if the other person doesn’t like rats bring home one or two pet rat and let them loose. Sit down and watch the fun as the other person jumps up and down in horror. Hopefully your new pet will give the person enough scare to leave the house.

Just make sure you want the pet yourself, or you'll have to stick with it. Remember abandoning a pet is NOT AN OPTION!

How To Get Someone To Move Out - Friendly new pet

Uncomfortable situations

What makes a person uncomfortable? Two people making out in front of the person. Ask your boyfriend / girlfriend to drop in to your house and have frequent make out sessions in the living room or at a place which will make the other person uncomfortable. If the other person is still not ready to move out then make out in his/her bed and make sure that the person catches you both making out in his/her bed. This would definitely make the other person move out.

How To Get Someone To Move Out - Uncomfortable situations

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  • If the house is as much his/hers as it is yours, have you thought about moving out yourself? It might be for the best in some occasions.
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