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How to Avoid Someone without them Noticing

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Avoid Someone without them Noticing

There are many reasons why you might want to avoid someone without them noticing: You might not get on with them, they may have treated you badly, or it might simply be a matter of not wanting to spend time in their company as you don't have anything in common. Whatever the reason, if you've decided that you'd rather keep someone out of your life without them being aware of it, read on. OneHowTo explains how to avoid someone without them knowing.

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Steps to follow:


The truth is that avoiding someone should never be a permanent solution because this also means you are failing to face and resolve your problems in a mature manner. However, if you need to give yourself time to take a final decision, avoiding someone is not such a bad idea. Think seriously whether it is necessary to remove that person from your life. Is it really necessary to avoid someone for your life to change?

If you think that doing so will improve your quality of life, then go ahead with your strategy. However, note that this is not the solution to alienate that person from your life. Now, let's get to the crux of the matter. A good way to avoid someone is to stop answering calls, messages and ceasing all communication. If you think this is very brusque, you could do so in a more progressive way, or with very dry messages that do not encourage interaction. They will eventually get the hint that you do not want anything to do with them.

How to Avoid Someone without them Noticing - Step 1

The best strategy, as mentioned above, is to cut all types of communication. Do not answer calls, do not do the same things at the same time as that person and spend less and less time with them. You also need to avoid areas where it is very possible that that person might be. Think about the places they frequent - the more you know about the person, the easier it will be to steer clear of them. This ensures you will avoid coming into contact with them.


Avoiding someone without noticing will require certain changes in routine. You do not have to change your entire life, but if you want to avoid someone you will have to do your best to avoid meeting that person in certain places, at least until the relationship cools off. If you often go to the same café every day, find another one to visit for a few weeks at least. Try to make small changes to your habits until you have a conversation with that person, assuming that you want to do it in the end.

Remember it is important to clarify the matter face to face to stop the cycle once and for all and for things to take their course. So, plan the possibility of having a conversation with them.

How to Avoid Someone without them Noticing - Step 3

If you find that person you want to avoid, try to ignore them and to avoid eye contact so they do not feel the urge to approach and talk. You can even pretend that you haven't seen them when you pass them on the street, and then be really stand-offish so that they don't feel like taking the conversation further. You must ensure that the interaction does not last long if you find yourself in this awkward situation. You should take special precautions to avoid situations where you are alone with the person. For example, if they are in your group of friends, it will be difficult to avoid them and you might well have to be in close proximity to them. However, you can always swerve conversations with them. To improve the situation, it's best to stay in a group - it will be easy to ignore them whilst being surrounded by other people.


These solutions are great for avoiding someone temporarily; however, it is important to discuss and clarify the issue that bothers you in order to reduce tension and discomfort.

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How to Avoid Someone without them Noticing