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How To Tell My Parents That I Got Bad Grades

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Tell My Parents That I Got Bad Grades

If you have had 'bad luck' and got a poor grade on a test do not worry, this article will explain how you can explain this to your parents and avoid them taking it badly. Lower grades are not that bad if you know how to show your parents that you will work harder to achieve better grades in the future.

  1. The disarming method
  2. The confidential method
  3. Shock method
  4. The external excuses method

The disarming method

This consists in adding to your grade results page a piece of paper saying 'Dear mum and dad, you know very well that mathematics has never been my forte, and I feel terrible. But if you give me a hand by next term I am sure I will have improved, your son / daughter who loves you greatly.'

It is important to show your parents that you are aware of the problem and that want to improve. Understanding that you have failed and making them understand you want to improve is key.

The confidential method

This requires showing you father the grades quickly after dinner and saying 'mum hasn't seen them yet and I don't know how to break it to her, I don't want her to get upset. You can get angry and yell at me later but for now help me explain this to mum.'

If, regardless of you telling him not to get upset, he does; stay calm. Do not cry and keep your ears open. They might tell you something important, some advice for the future. Remember that they want the best for you.

Shock method

When the family is all together in the sitting room suddenly opened the door and announce: 'Here are my grades. I have 4 fails!' This will be followed by some seconds of silence. But then keep talking, this time in a serious tone: 'Sorry, its just 2 fails and 2 D grades. Forgive me, I'm not hungry, I'm going to my room'.

This method is very straightforward and can be quite stressful, so we don't recommend it too much.

How To Tell My Parents That I Got Bad Grades - Shock method

The external excuses method

Explain that you are very 'stressed', stress is a very adaptable factor and good to place in these situations. Convince them that everybody did badly and that the teacher said it was the hardest test of the year and that you did comparatively well, etc... This will make your grade seem higher. Also say that from now on you will be more self disciplined and that you will study more so this is not repeated but that for now you are very stressed and will take advantage the forthcoming holiday to rest, relax and de-stress. Alternatively say that school is too difficult and that with so many things to study you don't have enough time. You had two exams on the same day and studied for one more than the other and stayed up until 1 am studying, this made you tired for the exam and you somewhat mixed the two things that you studied.

Telling parents you got bad grades is a complicated situation. The most essential in these cases is to show them you have learned from your mistake and that you'll work hard so this doesn't happen anymore. They'll have confidence in you if you work hard.

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  • In any case have confidence in your parents. Explain that you got bad grades and trust them.
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How To Tell My Parents That I Got Bad Grades