What Are the Meanings of Dreaming of Water

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 18, 2017
What Are the Meanings of Dreaming of Water

Dreaming of water is closely related to our emotional state. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to everything that surrounds this dream, it could provide clues about how to handle the situations we are facing. Dreaming about water can mean different things, depending on if the water is still or disturbed, clear or dirty, whether it is a body of water or just a glass. In this oneHOWTO article we tell you what it means to dream of water.

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Steps to follow:


Dreaming of calm and clean water

A dream that features clean and clear water implies purity of our feelings. The dream speaks of a peaceful life, or a currently relaxed state. Swimming in calm waters such as a canal or a sea means good luck in your life. Certain dream experts also say that if an unmarried man dreams of a pool of clear water it means that he will fall in love with an innocent girl. Remember how you are feeling in the dream. If you are swimming in calm and clean water and feel relaxed, it means that you will have to work hard to reach your goals, but you will achieve them.


Dreaming of small amounts of water

Dreaming of small amounts of water may mean that the problems to which we are exposed are manageable and minor. We an move on from them without much difficulty. Also, dreaming that we receive a glass of water or water in any other container, could be an omen of good times such as marriage, pregnancy or just a situation that we longed for and will finally occur. Dreaming of a water source indoors implies a time of great material prosperity. We will be happy and the people of the home will be full of good feelings and joy. Finally, drinking cold or cool water is a symbol of health and prosperity. There are other meanings of small amounts of water that are pretty frequent, such as the following:

  • Dreaming about water overflowing

If the place where the water is contained is small, dreaming of water overflowing will mean that there are certain emotions that your subconscious has been hiding that want to resurface. As it is a small container, this feeling is not something that you aware of in the slightest, this emotion is of something you had never thought about. Let it come out so you can find out what it is.

  • Dreaming of boiling water

The fact of seeing how water is boiling means that you are searching for much needed calm. Dreaming of boiling water in a bigger container may mean that changes are to come, although these changes reflect the fear and worries you have about this change that is about to arrive.

What Are the Meanings of Dreaming of Water - Step 2

Dreaming about large amounts of water

However, if we dream of large bodies of water that trap us, it could mean that we are facing emotional problems that overwhelm us. Furthermore, if it is a flood we must be careful because future dangers are far reaching.

Tsunamis or large waves have a negative meaning. It may mean that we are reaching our limit and that our strength is beginning to waver.

On the other hand, there are other meanings of dreaming of water depending on how it appears in your dream:

  • Dreaming about water in the ocean

The ocean is the largest body of water there is, which is why dreaming of the ocean is the most clear representation of your unconscious. If you are swimming in the ocean against the current, then it may mean that you are finding certain aspects of life difficult, that you are fighting against your nature.

  • Dreaming of driving into water

Dreaming of submerging a car into water is often related to a burden that you are holding onto. The large body of water will represent your feelings and the car you are driving into water with (whether a lake, the sea or a river) will be your bodily self, which means that your feelings are driving you off the path you had hoped for, your feelings are taking a toll on you and are taking control of your life.

  • Dreaming of falling into water

Dreaming about falling has many meanings as it is. However, dreaming of falling into water from thin air does have a specific symbolic meaning. There is certain fear of failure or feeling overwhelmed in your life. Your unconscious is trying to give you some freedom from all the issues that are bothering you.

On the other hand, drowning in water may indicate a health issue, especially if the dream is recurring. It may have to do with breathing issues.

If you are dreaming about the sea, we have a full article on all the possible meanings about this dream!


Dreaming about dirty water

Dirty and turbulent waters can announce that we are making a mistake when solving a problem. If the water is murky this predicts an imminent future full of chaos. It could predict evils and misery. However, this chaos is not related to our economy or health, rather it speaks of a moral and internal balance.

Dreaming about muddy water will mean that your negative emotions are taking the best part of you and let them dictate your actions. You may need to take some "me time" to rethink everything in life and cleanse your emotions, in order to get away from the bad influences that are overwhelming you at this time.

What Are the Meanings of Dreaming of Water - Step 4

Spiritual meanings of dreaming of water

Apart from all of the above meanings, there are spiritual meanings that are given to dreaming about water, especially according to some religions.

For example, the biblical meaning of dreaming of water, especially if we dream of walking over water just like the miracle of Jesus did over the Sea of Galilee, it has a meaning that we will face major problems but that we will overcome these completely unharmed. Both physically and spiritually. The Biblical meaning of dreaming of a flood has to do with trouble that is coming your way, as the Bible only has apocalyptic meanings for floods, such as in the case of Noah's ark, which is why it is though that it means that there is an enemy that is planning to destroy you.

On the other hand, the Hindu meaning of dreaming of water is generally not a good omen either. Sailing in rough waters means that luck will not be on your side, and falling into water means that you are in great danger. However, sailing on calm waters is considered a sign of good luck. Dreaming of just seeing water in a dream is considered an omen that a baby will be born in a short period of time.

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i need clarity about dream..talking to a man its like we are in a relationship then am suppose to go to his car to put my bag then i was in tap filling water into a bucket ,then i sow water flowing coming coming from the wall then i looked at the right side of mine i saw lot of water flowing then it stoped,what is that meaning?
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What Are the Meanings of Dreaming of Water