Which God should Be Worshiped for Marriage?

By Sara . Updated: June 3, 2018
Which God should Be Worshiped for Marriage?

Hinduism is the native religion of India and the oldest religion in the world. In Hinduism there are about 330 million Gods and Goddesses that are worshiped in different parts of the world. Each God and Goddess has her own unique powers and can solve the problems in some particular field of your life. To get a certain work done you need not worship all the deities. Instead, worshiping a certain God or Goddess can give you the desired result. If you are wondering which God should be worshiped for marriage then keep reading this oneHOWTO article to find out the answer.

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Lord Shiva: the match maker

According to Hindu tradition, Lord Shiva is one of the three supreme Gods i.e. Trimurthi. The other two Gods are Bramha and Vishnu. Bramha is the creator, Vishnu is the preserver and Lord Shiva is the destroyer.

Along with being the destroyer, Shiva is also considered as a kind God who showers peace and prosperity over his devotee’s life. Lord Shiva also represents love. He is worshiped by Indian women in the hope of getting married to a kind hearted man like him. Women who are already married can obtain a blissful matrimonial life by regularly worshiping lord Shiva with pure devotion.

Not only women, men too can worship Lord Shiva to obtain a wife of their choice. If a member of a Hindu family is worried about the love life of a fellow family member, worshiping Shiva may also be a good option.

Which God should Be Worshiped for Marriage? - Lord Shiva: the match maker

How to worship Lord Shiva for marriage?

The worship or pooja or Lord Shiva is done in a very simple way. Before you start with the rituals make sure that you have a dedicated place in your house where you can keep Lord Shiva’s photo or idol and the Shiva lingam. If you are planning on having a statue of Lord shiva then make sure that it is made of stone or marble. You can also get a Shiva lingam made of stone or marble.

Step by step worship to find a spouse

To please Lord Shiva to bless you with your desired spouse, you must worship him every Monday by observing fast. Now we will tell you how to worship Lord Shiva and keep the fast.

  1. Every Monday get up in the morning and clean the place of worship with Gangajal (water from river Ganges). If you don’t have Ganga jal then simply clean the place with water.
  2. Then take a bath and wear new clothes. Then go to the place where you have kept Lord Shiva’s idol and start chanting “Om Namah Shivay”.
  3. Now you must perform “Abhisekham” i.e. the holy bath of Shiva’s idol. For this you need milk, water and honey. The milk should be pure milk from cow, not the heated or processed milk. In a small tub keep the Shiv Lingam. At first pour water over the Shiv lingam. Then pour milk and then water. After that pour honey and then again water. Finally apply Kumkum (red pigment) in the form of swastika sign over the Shivling.
  4. Then light two earthen lamps i.e. diya .
  5. For the whole day, do not eat anything and observe fast. In the evening, perform Shiva pooja and then break your fast with a simple vegetarian meal.

If you are a mother who is hoping to find a suitable partner for a son or daughter, you can also worship Shiva as explained above.

Step by step worship for early marriage

If you've already found that special someone and want to marry soon, follow these instructions to worship Lord Shiva to bless you with a marriage proposal.

  1. Start this ritual on the 13th day of the Hindu calendar. Gather a white cloth, some milk, one kilogram of different sweets and some money.
  2. Put all the objects in a pot or a kalash.
  3. Now, take all the objects to a peepal or sacred fig tree. Light a candle and give the offerings.
  4. You should return to the tree and light a new candle every Saturday to pray to lord Shiva for prompt marriage during two to three months.

If you want your daughter to get married, you can also do this ritual, though you should mention her in your prayers when doing so.

Which God should Be Worshiped for Marriage? - How to worship Lord Shiva for marriage?
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  • Fasting for Shiva is a common practice for women seeking a husband, though fasting will also ensure the stability for a marriage and family that already exists and will ensure their happiness.
  • Shiva will be pleased easily, as he is known for his love and compassion, which is why worshiping Shiva will be greatly rewarding.
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Which God should Be Worshiped for Marriage?