How Are Scorpio as Friends

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By Mary Smith. Updated: November 29, 2017
How Are Scorpio as Friends

Scorpio is a zodiac sign with a lot of emotional energy. While those born between October 22 and November 24 under the sign of Scorpio may seem quiet and cool, they hide themselves within a magnetism that makes them reliable and faithful friends. Learn how a Scorpio is as a friend in the following article from oneHOWTO. Although many believe that it is almost impossible to maintain a good friendship with Scorpios, you should know that their energy and reasoning makes them the perfect people to engage with in this sort of relationship.

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A friendship that you will need to juggle with

They say that the Scorpio is strong and impulsive and sometimes a bit cold, which is why many think that maintaining a relationship with a Scorpio would be somewhat difficult. It is also believed that they often make friends out of personal interest. But nothing is further from reality, it is true that Scorpios have a difficult character, but they are considered open and willing to engage in friendly relationships.

Scorpio friendship is something you will need to work on carefully, as you should never take them for granted and will need to put all your effort in fulfilling all of the expectations they have put into you. Although they do have many acquaintances, they need to trust a person completely in order to consider a relationship as friendly, even though Scorpios are friends with a very different characters.

Scorpio and their adventures with friends

As a friend, Scorpios are bold and exciting people, so they are always willing to be adventurous and challenge themselves. They like risk, so they often encourage their friends to have experiences that other people, by themselves, would not have. Sometimes they can do dangerous things, but not out of malice, it's just the way Scorpios live life. Danger is one of the most intrinsic values of this zodiac sign. Therefore, to be friends with a Scorpio, you will have to put your explorer hat on for sure, but don't get carried away by their impulsiveness and learn how to set limits with them.

The loyalty of a Scorpio

Scorpio is often somewhat self-involved, which is why it is said that they select their friends out of personal interest. It is true that their character usually responds to a person who is very loyal to their friends, but also tends to throw the stone and hide their hands. However, their interest on the other will also cause them to strengthen the relationship and defend the common interests of their friends, since it also will affect them. Take a look at how to understand Scorpio men for more information.

Scorpio chooses friends well

Those born under the sign of Scorpio tend to understand friendships and solidarity in a somewhat different manner. Scorpio understands these values as relationships that should contribute something with a clear purpose. Therefore, they usually have few friends but loyal ones. Scorpio's friends need to have at least one common interest with them, as they will demand spending time in a common hobby in order to make your relationship grow and have times to cherish in the future.

Scorpio will give their friends support

On the other hand, having a Scorpio as a friend means having unconditional support, especially when it comes to adventures, new projects or love stories with some risk, intrigue and mystery. Anything complicated attracts this sign. Yes, Scorpios are the kind of person who seems to enjoy a bit of drama in their lives, so buckle up because the ride may certainly be bumpy at times.

How Are Scorpio as Friends - Scorpio will give their friends support

Scorpio's advice

Also, a Scorpio friend is a very good counselor. They are very rational beings and think for a long time before saying anything. Their intelligence, control and coldness helps you think clearly and without involving feelings too. However, Scorpio friends also need to be equally good at giving tips and helping them solve their problems, as they will rely highly on friends' opinions, even if they decide on the opposite in the end, which does happen quite often.

The downside of being friends with Scorpio

Scorpios can be your best friend or your worst enemy. To not go from one extreme to another, it is important that you don't contradict them or their actions. If a Scorpio is angry, you should know that they are highly spiteful and vindictive. They never forget it when you hurt them. Take a look at how to deal with an angry Scorpio for more information.

Show Scorpio you are worth it

However, although these appear to be negative qualities, they are actually just the opposite. If you show you're worth, Scorpio will feel attracted to you and enter into a friendship with you very easily. They are loyal and would do anything for you. This zodiac sign is certainly a loyal friend who will know how to keep a secret at all times, so you can always trust a Scorpio friend.

Scorpio's small circle of friends

In short, Scorpio is a person of few but good friends. Their nature is not associated with having a lively social life, but they are perfect for intimate moments and prefer close and small circles of friends. If you're a friend of a Scorpio, know that the level of friendship is not a priority for them. However, if you become their friend you will be revered and highly protected by this sign of the zodiac.

How Are Scorpio as Friends - Scorpio's small circle of friends

Scorpio friends compatibility

Now that you know what Scorpio as friends are like, let's take a look at the signs that get along better in a friendly relationship with them:

  • Cancer and Scorpio: A Scorpio as a friend to cancer has got to be the perfect match. As these are two water signs, they blend in the most natural way. They are both highly nurturing, which is why the amount of care Cancer gives will be gladly returned by Scorpio. It is a continuous give and take of understatement of mutual feelings, which is why they will both benefit from great reassurance.
  • Capricorn and Scorpio: The stability that Capricorn can offer Scorpio as a friend will definitely make this sign feel comfortable and secure. Although Capricorn may not be the most cheerful of signs, they will also know how to get a smile out of Scorpio whenever they are feeling down. It is only if Capricorn is to insistent to Scorpio that problems may arise.
  • Gemini and Scorpio: These two zodiac signs are great travel buddies. Both fun-loving, Gemini will adapt pretty well to Scorpio's friendship needs and will know how to calm them down when they are anxious. Moreover, Scorpio will consider Gemini a good counselor thanks to the Twins' good listening abilities. However, if either Scorpio or Gemini get angry, the fight may last longer than they initially though.
  • Pisces and Scorpio: When Pisces and Scorpio are friends, an invisible bond will be created between the two. The acceptance of Scorpio's true self on Pisces' behalf will make them practically inseparable, especially when it comes to their most spiritual side. Together, they can find that sought for peace, although Pisces may sometimes get fed up if Scorpio makes fun of Pisces too much.

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How Are Scorpio as Friends