How are Aries as Friends?

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 15, 2018
How are Aries as Friends?

Aries friends are those who are born between 21st March and 20th April. Astrologers give each star sign certain shared characteristics, even linking them into four groups related to the classical elements. Aries is a fire sign, the first fire sign before Leo and Sagittarius. As a fire sign, there are certain characteristics said to be shared among them, just as the other groups of earth, water and air are said to have. Of course, there are certain personality traits everyone might share and just because you know two people born under the same sign doesn't mean they will be exactly the same. oneHOWTO looks at how are Aries as friends to see if you conform to the stereotype or are atypical amongst your Aries brethren.

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People born under the star sign of Aries are said to be persevering and energetic people who enjoy being leaders and are comfortable in the spotlight. This means they often have very special personalities which are particularly engaging. We tend to recognize and appreciate confidence in others, whether consciously or subconsciously. This can be a very attractive attribute and often leads to giving a lot of respect to this individual. However, the flip side is that Aries can be selfish, egocentric and arrogant.

If your Aries friend has this mixture of attractiveness and arrogance, friendships are often affected. You may find the beginning of the friendship is exhilarating and you have intense and rewarding experiences. However, after this initial stage, there may be some toxic elements which provide hardships or tension. If someone has a force of personality, it can mean when they shine their spotlight on you, it is intoxicating. However, once this spotlight is removed or there is some distance put between you and an Aries friend, it can lead to problems.

However, this is only one aspect of these types of friendships. Aries friends can equally be very loyal and make lasting relationships. They may, however, take betrayal particularly bad, making forgiveness difficult.

How are Aries as Friends? - Step 1

Aries as friends (as with other fire signs)are said to be highly faithful, open and always willing to listen and help their loved ones. Whenever you need advice they should be there for you. They are also characterized by being people who know how to keep secrets well, so your trust will likely not be compromised.

Among the most positive characteristics of this sign when it comes to friendship are their loyalty, optimism, energy, joy and great sense of humor. This is another reason Aries are often the center of attention. Many like to be friends with Aries people as they are often lots of fun. Their dynamic and enigmatic personalities make even the seemingly insignificant events the most fun in the world. They can help you both get caught up in wild adventures and also help you appreciate the little things in life.


However, there is one point you have to remember about Aries in friendship: if they had a need to lead. Their status as a leader means they can bring you along into wonderful situations and open up horizons. However, being a leader can also make them controlling. Sometimes this can be very annoying, because your Aries friend might always want to be the one who organizes plans, outings, travel, meals and everything else. When this is good it's great, when it is something you don't particularly want to do, it can be frustrating. Delegating can be very difficult, leading to rifts and arguments when things don't go an Aries way.

How are Aries as Friends? - Step 3

Take into account that people born under this fire sign are usually very independent. This means you probably won't expect an Aries to call you for everything. There will be many who prefer to do things alone. However, this doesn't mean they won't be there for you when you really need it. For all the talk of Aries being enigmatic and capricious, there are just as many who are trustworthy and steady in their friendships.


Another aspect to highlight about Aries in friendship is their potential for stubbornness and lack of patience. They may be less likely to wait for people, declining to do things they don't want to do and won't back down when they have made up their mind about something. Only when you've earned their love and absolute respect might they make concessions they wouldn't usually do otherwise.

With an Aries you often get a friend for life. Despite having a strong character they can be magnetic, lively and especially loyal people. These characteristics truly outshine the negatives. If an Aries is like this, you will get the best friendships by respecting their independence and not trying to enforce a certain type of dynamic between you.

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Although their mood can quickly and easily change, with an Aries as friends you have the perfect partner for partying or playing sports. They can be very energetic, full of competition and pushing their boundaries. Often this means taking you with them. If an Aries is not particular sporty, they might apply this same approach to other areas such as creativity in arts or music. If you are in a band with an Aries, they will probably be the one getting the practice together, contacting venues and sending out demos to record labels.

You may also find that Aries are there to talk to, they are great at giving advice and enjoy listening to others, they love learning new things, their curiosity can leave them wanting to know everything. They might be good for a laugh and to have fun, pretty much always willing to have a good time.

How are Aries as Friends? - Step 6

An Aries friend is thought to be frank and direct, telling things to your face, which might bother you in the beginning but over time you will learn to appreciate it. However, you should know that Aries will probably expect the same, so long as you have something to say about them, say it to their face or run the risk of ending the friendship.

Although it is not always easy to deal with their character, it is worth it to have someone resolute, courageous and energetic close as a good friend, impulsive and full of life.

If you or someone you love is an Aries, you can learn more about the most powerful zodiac signs here at oneHOWTO.

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