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Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Work

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 11, 2018
Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Work

Sagittarius and Pisces are two signs ruled by the planet Jupiter and are considered mutable signs. This means both are extroverted and establish relationships as equals, i.e., without wanting to dominate or be authoritarian towards others. They can become good friends and great co-workers, but their union is not perfect at all levels as in matters of the heart they will have to remain united and work a lot if they want to overcome their differences and move forward in the relationship. If you want to know more details about these signs of the Zodiac and discover the compatibility of Sagittarius and Pisces as a couple, in friendship and in work then read this oneHOWTO article.

  1. Sagittarius and Pisces: love
  2. Sagittarius and Pisces: friendship
  3. Sagittarius and Pisces: at work
  4. Pisces and Sagittarius strong points
  5. Pisces and Sagittarius weak points

Sagittarius and Pisces: love

The greatest problems in understanding between Sagittarius and Pisces are in matters of love, so both will have to do their part if they want to build a stable relationship together.

The beginning of the relationship can be easy and idyllic, but conflicts will soon arrive as there there is little overlap regarding types of lifestyle and this could give rise to more than one argument. Pisces is much more calm and relaxed than Sagittarius, so the former could become constantly agitated with the frantic pace of the second.

In addition, Pisces searches for a special bond, maximum confidence and complicity in love while Sagittarius does not tolerate particularly well the narrowness and the high sensitivity of Pisces. It is this which can lead to a split if not managed properly, as in the long run Pisces will feel misunderstood and Sagittarius will feel too tied that person.

However, at other moments, such as passionate and sexual encounters, the compatibility between Sagittarius and Pisces can increase and be good. Pisces loves the energy released by Sagittarius and in turn Sagittarius is fascinated by the spirituality and sensuality of Pisces. In addition, both are passionate about innovation in matters sexual, so they can have very exciting and fiery moments with no place for boredom or routine. When they are not a formal couple a problem may arise when the emotional Pisces demands much more than just sex, but it is very likely that this sporadic and casual relationship suits Sagittarius well

In conclusion, we can say that the relationship between Sagittarius and Pisces can work well if they can reinforce those points they have in common from the start, otherwise the romance can end soon and very badly.

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Work - Sagittarius and Pisces: love

Sagittarius and Pisces: friendship

Sagittarius and Pisces can become great friends as these signs of the zodiac are better suited in terms of friendship than in love. Both are characterized as travellers, adventurers and lovers of culture, so they can strengthen their relationship by going travelling and discovering the world together. It may be a little difficult for them to agree a destination to visit or what plans and activities they will do there but everything is a matter of finding things they both really want to do.

People born under the sign of Pisces and under the sign of Sagittarius tend to find each other to be good fun and get along well. Pisces will be drawn to the madness of Sagittarius and in turn Sagittarius will be attracted by the personality quirks of Pisces.

However as with everything and due to them having two very different personalities, it is normal that at some point of the friendship occasional small conflicts will arise. It is likely that the active and independent side of Sagittarius clashes with the more passive and sensitive side of Pisces and this will inevitably leads them to have trouble in certain situations of life.

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Work - Sagittarius and Pisces: friendship

Sagittarius and Pisces: at work

Likewise, in the workplace the two different characters of Sagittarius and Pisces can complement each other perfectly and form a very good team. On the one hand Pisces, who can be somewhat imprecise, will channel ideas and put these into practice thanks to the organisation and decision of Sagittarius. On the other hand Sagittarius may take advantage of the good ideas that Pisces has and with these implement successful projects that work well in the long term.

The two signs have excellent qualities to dedicate their efforts to charitable and social projects or those that require great creativity and imagination.

The only point on which both should be monitored is that of finance as both tend to be spendthrifts and will need to learn to manage their personal finances if they want to be solvent.

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Work - Sagittarius and Pisces: at work

Pisces and Sagittarius strong points

Now that you know about Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility in love, work and friendship, let's take a look at the strong points that these two zodiac signs have when together:

  • Communication: These two will learn how to talk to each other and, as they are both ruled by Jupiter, they are an extremely good influence on each other, as their conversations will be meaningful and help them become better people by learning to have more confidence in themselves and boost their best qualities. They will be pretty pragmatic, so it won't be hard for them to be honest with each other.
  • Shared hobbies: Yes, Pisces and Sagittarius will have great fun together as they have many activities that they share and enjoy. They are the perfect suit for a weekend out!You both love taking up new activities when they are offered to you and will love travelling together, hiking and doing any kind of physical activity together.

Pisces and Sagittarius weak points

Ok, so to end this study on Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility, it's time to check out what areas these two zodiac signs will definitely not be on the same level:

  • Trust: This has to be their weakest point. These two signs will be pretty distrustful of each other. If you want to be on the same level, you will have to work really hard on this front. Sagittarius' passion and Pisces' indecisiveness will clash highly, so their expectations will hardly ever be the same, which will be evident and thus create a sense of mutual mistrust.
  • Sexuality: Although sexual relationships may be quite fun, these two will have a lot of ups and downs in between sheets, you may find out things about each other that you're not pretty fond of, so you will have to be very open minded in order to have a good time together.
  • Emotional level:Something similar will happen when it comes to the emotional relationship between Pisces and Sagittarius, their changing attitude will take them on a hell of a rollercoaster of emotions. When these two zodiac signs find themselves in a discussion, the first problems may arise as their incapacity to hide emotions may heat up the situation. They may not connect emotionally, which is why it's important to care for this aspect of their relationship every step of the way, to nurture their own needs and build up a healthy relationship.

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Bob the builder
I don't care what you say or anyone else, the Pisces - Sagittarius partnership is the best I've ever been in. The sagittarius can get a bit oblivious wearing their workboots in a fine china shop as far as the sensitive Pisces is concerned, but when they work thru it... it is the most amazing ride.
If your one or the other looking for reasons why not then only take the references of difficulty as a guide, because if they are the one... then "nothing" matters.
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Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Work