How to Avoid Someone You Dislike

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Avoid Someone You Dislike

Human relations are not easy and sometimes we must interact with people we don't like. But this does not mean that we are hypocrites or poorly educated. Although there is no empathy between you and that person, it is important to save face. You can always find someone you dislike at work, within your family, at school or college and even among your group of closest friends. There are always people who come and go and they may not be to your liking.

So what to do in the cases in which we don't like that person? In this OneHowTo article we're going to give you some tips for you to discover how to avoid someone you dislike without being annoying or impolite.

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Learn to keep distance

It is important to understand that to avoid someone you dislike, it does not mean that you should mistreat or abuse that person. Do not ignore them or mount a witch-hunt against them. Simply stop that person from being linked with your personal life or your own inner emotions. In this case there is nothing better than keeping the distance.

Do not get involved with that person intimately, even out of courtesy. Do not tell them private things or say anything incriminating in their presence and hide your personal opinions from this person. Simply maintain courtesy where and when necessary, without delving into the personal sphere.

Do not reveal your own discomfort

Some experts suggest that when faced with someone we do not like, it is important to never reveal our discomfort with that person, as this may affect our image in front of others within that same environment. This recommendation is especially important when that person is in your work or home environment.

So the best thing is that when you have to talk that you always do with a neutral face. A balanced voice tone that is not too serious and maintaining eye contact are also good pointers. Using gestures of disgust, being too serious and maintaining sharp looks or avoiding eye contact are some of the signs that we do when someone we do not like someone. However, we should strive to behave in a more neutral manner and to use self-control.

How to Avoid Someone You Dislike - Do not reveal your own discomfort

Put things in perspective

Why do you dislike that person? Is it something that you can solve? Is there anything you can do to improve the situation?

Many times we hold grudges against people for small, unimportant offences, for things that irritate us and we do not speak out at the right time or we keep quiet because the personalities of both parties could well collide. Whatever the reason, the fact is that you are the only person capable that can make the situation affect you less. Avoid giving importance to all those details that upset you. Do not spend your time thinking a lot about that person and try to make the situation bearable.

We assure you that the less importance you give to everything that annoys you, the better your life will be.

Consider dialogue

Are you sure that the best solution is to avoid someone who you dislike? There are cases where it is not necessary to foster dialogue to try a new approach, for example, when it comes to someone who does not belong to your environment or who you see only sporadically. However, there are situations where these differences could lead to great discomfort.

It is important to consider dialogue if the person you dislike:

  • Works directly with you and your same team.
  • Is part of your family circle and you see them frequently.
  • Is part of your social circle and is frequently in your way.
  • Is a person close to you.

If there have been unresolved conflicts in the cross over, then it is best to sit down and talk about them. Foster dialogue, apologise for what has been your fault, listen to others and smooth out rough edges to make the situation more bearable. This can significantly improve the environment and make things easier for everyone.

How to Avoid Someone You Dislike - Consider dialogue

Avoid contact as much as possible

If you can not even consider the possibility of fostering some form of dialogue, or if after talking you've had no results, then it is best to avoid any close contact with that particular person. If you are part of a close environment, avoid being alone with that person so you do not find yourself being forced to have a conversation with them. Try to always be in the company of others and if possible stay in a different group so that person does not creep in and irritate you.

Do not share your personal space with that person and always maintain the minimum treatment required with regards to the standards of courtesy, but without going beyond the mark. It is also important not to try to engage in conversation or to tell them your intimate things. You can always try to quickly finish conversations with that person so that they don't extract all the information from you.

Do not shout from the rooftops that you dislike that person

Finally, and although someone really makes your blood boil, it is important not to shout it out from the rooftops as you could hurt the feelings of another person. Sometimes we do not put with someone because both personalities clash, but maybe the other does not feel the same towards you or that person feels very uncomfortable to know what you think about him or her.

Especially if this person is in your family or workplace, it is important to be discreet and secretive about your opinion and feelings, otherwise you will cause damage.

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How to Avoid Someone You Dislike
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How to Avoid Someone You Dislike

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