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How to Be more Loving and Affectionate

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Be more Loving and Affectionate

Do you want to be more loving and kind to the people around you? There are people who find it difficult to be friendly from day to day, especially when they don't feel themselves, or when they are around people of whom they are not particularly fond. However, trying to correct this attitude, being kind and showing affection to others will provide more personal satisfaction than you think. Keep reading this article to learn how to be more loving and affectionate.

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Steps to follow:


One way to be more loving and affectionate and bring out your most sympathizing sideis through volunteering. Offer your help and support to a cause that motivates and interests you. Doing so will develop your empathy and give you the chance to make a real impact on others. Take some time each week for these tasks, focusing your energies on others and learning to connect from the social point of view.


Another way of bringing your most loving side is is to take on the role of mentor or teacher. Teach someone a skill that will help them develop in the world, or even share your knowledge with a group of people, as a teacher or tutor. Take time to be the older brother or sister to someone by helping them improve certain aspects of their lives. This conveys your kindness and dedication to someone in the most natural way possible. With time, you'll get a kick out of doing something for someone else.

How to Be more Loving and Affectionate - Step 2

To be more loving and demonstrate your empathy for people, you must be an active listener. When you talk to anyone, stay tuned to what they're telling you and respond to show you understand what they are saying. You should not see a chat like a battle, but as an opportunity to learn and improve your social skills. You will demonstrate that you conversations are a way to reflect your concern for others. To enhance active listening, you should focus your attention on the speaker and let them finish speaking before interrupting. After that, repeat what they have told you using other words, as a way of demonstrating that you are listening.

How to Be more Loving and Affectionate - Step 3

You must learn to speak kindly. This is a way of showing respect and affection for others. It is an important skill and should be used when speaking to people you have known forever, as well as people you have just met. You'll have to focus on responding politely whilst expressing your feelings and ideas openly. Never blame people or issues. Express gratitude instead - with time, you'll notice this coming very naturally to you. When you're selfless and polite, you will eventually achieve all that you want.


If you learn to show gratitude and love for people, you'll notice that you become the recipient of affection and kindness from others. Everything that goes around, comes around. Remember to do nice things for the people you know - these can be small gestures that make life easier for others and create a real impact on the environment. You'll see how these simple changes in your daily behavior will make it easier for you to be loving with people.

How to Be more Loving and Affectionate - Step 5

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How to Be more Loving and Affectionate