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5 Unbearable Things Women Do

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
5 Unbearable Things Women Do

It is clear that men and women think and act differently: we have a different perspective of the world and it is precisely these differences that end up uniting us and make us complement each other. However, that does not mean that all the characteristics that distinguish the sexes make us happy. Of course, there are some things that drive the other crazy.

It is important for both sexes to understand the other sexes' point of view sometimes. That is why we collated a series of things most women do, and men can't bear. Read on to discover 5 unbearable things women do and how to avoid them.

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Steps to follow:


Excessive insecurity. There are some types of women who constantly demand attention and need to be fawned over. While men do like to protect their girlfriend, they do not want to put up with constant whining, preferring women who are independent, capable and determined. Sometimes, excessive insecurity can be due to being spoilt, other times it is just an attitude women develop over time, because they realise they can complain and rely on their boyfriend for anything. Be more independent!


The constant desire to know what you're doing, where you are, with whom, i.e. excessive control simply drives men mad! Everyone needs their personal space; love him but don't invade their space. Let him enjoy that dinner with his friends, don't call him every time he goes out by himself, and don't ask him a thousand questions when he comes home.


Victims. Complaints are rife, as are accusations and arguments. "You don't pay me any attention anymore", "You don't love me like you used to"... Enough! If you feel that your relationship has a problem, deal with it in a different way, not by playing the victim. Be an adult and recognize your faults as well, create a non accusatory environment for your boyfriend to feel free to speak.


Excessively prudish. This is fine when you're an insecure or inexpert teenager; however, after a certain age, being too prudish, acting all embarrassed when talking of sex and becoming offended if the subject is mentioned does not wash with us, and, on top of this, is deeply irritating, even if men will never tell you.


Posey women. For these women, nothing is enough. Your true colours will eventually come to the fore, revealing who you really are. Save yourself the job of pretending.


Interpreting signs. That is something all women do. They interpret something men have not even thought about and they deduct, and deduct, and then an argument starts on the basis of pure interpretation of meaningless actions. Please, give it a break!

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  • If you want to bag yourself the man of your dreams, avoid any of these behaviours.
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5 Unbearable Things Women Do