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How to Show Love through daily Actions

Rebecca Doughty
By Rebecca Doughty . Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Show Love through daily Actions

Hearing the words 'I love you', can give even the coldest of people a warm feeling inside. Whether you're hearing it from a best friend, your parents, girlfriend, or boyfriend, they truly are the greatest words to receive. Although we often tell a loved one how much they mean to us, we forget to show love through our actions. Love drives us to be kinder, better and more caring people during our daily lives but sometimes life gets fast paced, we get too busy and these daily actions of love tend to get forgotten and neglected. These actions, when we stop a minute to think, are actually some of the best ways to be more loving and affectionate and show those close to us just how much we love them. So in this OneHowTo article, we're going to advise how to show love through daily actions, so you can spread the love every day, and give those around you something to smile about.

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  1. Random acts of kindness
  2. Listen
  3. Let the small stuff go
  4. Help out
  5. Make time for them

Random acts of kindness

Small actions that show love are often the most appreciated. Little things like writing a note and putting it in your partner's lunch for them to find at work, or sending a text to your best friend or mum to say good morning and have a good day can really brighten their day and let's them know you're thinking of them. Another good one? Save them the last cookie, definite act of love right there.

How to Show Love through daily Actions - Random acts of kindness


If you ask a loved one how their day went, actually listen and chat to them about it rather than nodding and saying 'hmm' in the right places. Learning to listen better is one of the most important and effective ways when it comes to showing somebody that you care and is an act of love that people genuinely appreciate in a person.

How to Show Love through daily Actions - Listen

Let the small stuff go

Sometimes we can find ourselves feeling annoyed or frustrated with the people we love. Arguments with our partners or getting irritated with parents and even tiffs with our best friends can often get blown out of proportion.And when you really stop to think about it, most these things aren't worth getting upset or angry over. Don't hold grudges over things that aren't important in the grand scheme of things.

Want to know the most important action to show love? Learn to forgive and forget!

Help out

Helping your loved ones is an action that comes naturally for sure. But sometimes we don't always help out as much as we can. Maybe your mum has been extra busy recently so you offer to babysit younger siblings one night. Little things like doing a chore around the house that your partner would usually do because you know they're not feeling well or they're really tired are kind and thoughtful. But mainly helping out before you've even been asked is a great way to show people you care.

Make time for them

Sometimes the people we care about live further away than we'd like, which means that daily acts of love are hard to do when we see them so little! But making time to Skype or for a phone call can be all it takes to let somebody know you were thinking of them and wanted to catch up. Often the people who aren't in our immediate sight, get left behind.

Life happens and we get caught up in other things. And even if they live close by, cancelling your weekly trip out for drinks with friends to spend time with a loved one unexpectedly is a wonderful way to show somebody you love and appreciate their company!

How to Show Love through daily Actions - Make time for them

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How to Show Love through daily Actions