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How to Be Happy without Friends

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Be Happy without Friends

Have you contemplated life with no friends? Well don't worry or feel odd because your life and your happiness are not conditional on having friends. You decide how you want to live, and there are many things you can do on your own and have a great time. Do you not think so? In this OneHowTo.com article, we explain how to be happy without friends. You will see how many options you have which are also great fun.

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Steps to follow:


Whether by choice or because you simply find it difficult to fit in with other people, you can live a full life doing things which you don't usually have time to do. Now may be the time to take that training course, or finish that half-done creative project, book or TV show. Ultimately, you're bound to find an activity that you abandoned to spend time with friends that you can now resume.


It may be a great time to spread your wings and see the world. You can do anything, from spending a day in the mountains close to home to planning a trip backpacking. Whatever your plans may be, live your life to the full. No doubt there's somewhere you've always wanted to go and have never been able to get your friends organised to go with you. You can also spend time visiting your family. Reconnect with them if you feel it's necessary and you want to.

How to Be Happy without Friends - Step 2

Try to change something in your everyday life. For example, you could change your clothing style, or even make some decorative changes in your home. Do whatever you feel like doing. Paint a wall, move furniture, change the curtains... Try to change something that will motivate you and get you excited. This is a way of keeping busy and entertained.

How to Be Happy without Friends - Step 3

An important way of using your time well and be happy without friends, is to take care of yourself by doing some exercise. It may be a good time to get yourself in shape to play sports, sign up to a gym and do activities with more people. Whatever it may be, pampering your body is also synonymous with happiness and that depends on you.

How to Be Happy without Friends - Step 4

Do all sorts of things on your own, such as signing up for singles tour groups, dance lessons, language conversation groups, groups interested in art or the theater, among other fun activities that you can do alone. Through these activities, you can meet people that you may get on with.

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How to be happy without friends
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How to Be Happy without Friends