How to Make Hot Ice with Sodium Acetate

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Hot Ice with Sodium Acetate

If you have ever used a hand warmer or a heating pad, you must be aware of what hot ice is. If you like the idea of playing with ice, but cannot gather the courage because it’s too cold to touch, then hot ice is the best solution for you. Actually, hot ice is super-saturated sodium acetate that can be frozen with a very slight trigger. While forming solid crystals, a burst of heat is released that ultimately creates hot ice. It is similar in appearance and texture as cold ice, and allows you to do things without making things too cold. Here at, we are going to discuss about how to make hot ice with sodium acetate.

Steps to follow:

You can purchase sodium acetate from an online or offline store, or you can make it on your own. If you have decided to make it yourself, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 16 oz sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • 1 gallon acedic acid (distilled white vinegar)
  • One 5.5 quart pot and one 4 quart pot for boiling and filtering respectively
  • 1 packet of basket style coffee filters
  • 1 small strainer, a stove, a measuring cup, a cooking spoon, 2 dark dishes and a clean jar in which you will pour the final solution

The first step to make hot ice with sodium acetate is to save one cup of distilled white vinegar and pour the rest in the 5.5 quart pot. Now gradually add baking soda to it one spoon at a time. It is important to do it gradually, as dumping it in can cause overflowing. Reaction will start taking place, and when you can no longer see any bubbles in the solution, stop adding the baking soda. Now add the cup of vinegar that you saved before into the mixture.


After this reaction, only the sodium acetate will be left with remaining acetic acid. Now put the solution on medium heat and allow it to boil. When the solution remains half, its color will change. First, it will turn straw like in color, and then turn gold. When it starts turning amber in color, it’s time to turn down the heat and stop boiling it.


Nest 6 coffee filters with each other and stick them on a strainer. Hold it above the 4 quart opt and use a measuring cup to pour the solution into the filter. Do it gradually, otherwise it will overflow. Now heat this filtered solution and reduce it to half by boiling on medium heat.


To test the solution, take some ice cubes in a dark dish, and pour some solution on another dish. Place this dish on top of the dish with ice cubes. If the solution if correctly made, the crystals will start forming as it cools. Now this is your sodium acetate in liquid form. Store it in some cool place and let it crystallize. Store it in a container, and it is ready to make hot ice.


To make hot ice from this sodium acetate solution, you will need a pan, stove and distilled water. Boil distilled water and add sodium acetate to it. Wait until you see crystals forming on the pan’s sides. Immediately pour it in a small container and put a lit over it. Make sure to secure the lid properly, otherwise heat will escape. Scrape off the remaining crystals from the bottom of the pan, and store them in a small container too.

How to Make Hot Ice with Sodium Acetate - Step 6

Now cool it in the refrigerator and it will cool within 10 minutes. Your hot ice is ready to use, whether you want to play with it, or apply it to a more productive usage.

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How to Make Hot Ice with Sodium Acetate
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How to Make Hot Ice with Sodium Acetate

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