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The Best Gemstones for Scorpio

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Gemstones for Scorpio

The signs of the zodiac also have some influence when you are choosing a gemstone or a stone that can act as a talisman to attract positive energies. Each horoscope has certain stones assigned to them that can help to enhance your strengths and tone down your weaknesses, thanks to the attraction that brings them together. If you are interested in the world of gem therapy and want to know which are the best gemstones for Scorpio, read this OneHowTo article.

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  1. Amethyst
  2. Opal
  3. Malachite
  4. Sardinian Jasper
  5. Much more about Scorpio


Amethyst is a violet colored stone (to a lesser or greater intensity) which is a variety of quartz. It is considered to be one of the best talismans that a person born under the sign of Scorpio can possess.

This semi-precious stone particularly favors the purification of physical, mental and spiritual energy. It comes in handy for helping Scorpios turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts, clearing the mind and preventing mental blocks from provoking sadness if things haven't turned out as you first expected. Amethyst is very powerful, especially when worn over the heart or hung on the neck.

The Best Gemstones for Scorpio - Amethyst


Opal is a stone that is highly valued for its ability to promote serenity and emotional balance, something that comes in handy for impulsive, and sometimes arrogant, Scorpios.

In addition, this stone can help Scorpios to recover when they are experiencing situations where feelings like sadness, apathy, indifference, skepticism or discouragement have surfaced. It also promotes values such as fidelity, solidarity, respect and loyalty, so it will help Scorpios to improve their relationships with those around them in their daily lives.

The Best Gemstones for Scorpio - Opal


Malachite is another one of the best gemstones for Scorpios and one of the most effective amulets available against the evil eye for this zodiac sign.

On the one hand, malachite harmonizes emotional imbalance, improves mood and feelings of envy, which those who belong to the sign of Scorpio can sometimes be internally affected by.

On an emotional level, Scorpios are characteristically most afflicted by feelings of eternal jealousy and inevitably have a controlling personality. Malachite can also help as it is an ideal stone for keeping jealousy at bay, promotes trust between a couple and acts as a real comfort when faced with complicated heartbreak situations.

The Best Gemstones for Scorpio - Malachite

Sardinian Jasper

Finally, Scorpios also benefit from having Sardinian Jasper, which is a gem that brings great positive energy and offers protection, healing and beauty.

Among other things, Sardinian Jasper helps to deal with depression, solve love problems and increase self-confidence, which is something that suits Scorpios in the workplace, because they sometimes tend to be too susceptible to criticism and unsure whether they will achieve success and meet any challenges.

The Best Gemstones for Scorpio - Sardinian Jasper

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The Best Gemstones for Scorpio