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The Best Gemstones to Attract Love

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. February 8, 2017
The Best Gemstones to Attract Love

Want a little more love in your life? You should know that there are some gemstones that will help you attract the necessary energy for passion, romance and relationships to come to you. Gemstones are powerful because they are natural materials that bring together the energies of the world, and as such, are able to call on other energies to be in harmony with the Earth. In this oneHOWTO article we will show you the best gemstones to attract love and you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

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  1. Attract love with jade
  2. Love and rose quartz
  3. Ruby to attract love
  4. Attract love with red agate
  5. Amethyst for a happy relationship

Attract love with jade

Of all the properties of jade stones, their emphasis is its power to attract love. This gem is one of the most used in the East, in fact, in China many Buddhas are carved with green jade because it is a sacred stone. Jade is related to the heart chakra, i.e. the energy channel that is in our body that manages everything that has to do with our emotions and feelings.

Jade helps attract emotional stability, calling love into your life and making it stay longer; because of this quality, it is one of the most used in engagement rings and wedding ceremonies. To attract love with jade, just wear an amulet or some jewelry made with this material every day; it's more effective if you wear it around your neck so that it is in contact with the fourth chakra, the heart.

You can also take advantage of the properties of jade by meditating with this stone. Just sit in a comfortable place, put soothing music on, light a little incense, close your eyes and think of the love you're looking for. Visualize what you want, visualize your desire and keep the stone against your chest.

The Best Gemstones to Attract Love - Attract love with jade

Love and rose quartz

Another gemstone par excellence to attract love is rose quartz. This gem is related to emotions and controlling feelings and keeps away sadness, jealousy and romantic insecurities. Rose quartz helps us open ourselves to fear, love ourselves and, therefore, be open to others loving us. This stone works introspectively, that is, it helps you love yourself because this is what will attract the love of others.

If you don't love yourself, you cannot expect anyone else to love you because love begins within oneself and that is precisely where the strength of this stone lies. When you emit self-love, you become a magnet of attraction to others and therefore it will be easy to get love into your life. This is also one on the best gemstones for Taurus, so this is definitely your perfect Gemstone if you were born under this zodiac sign.

To attract love with quartz, you can choose to keep it at home so its power will be in your home and in your surroundings, thus it will always be with you. You can also get jewelry made with this stone and bring it everywhere with you. Another method is to meditate with this stone on the heart chakra for 10 minutes each day, and the power of quartz will help you in your emotional life.

The Best Gemstones to Attract Love - Love and rose quartz

Ruby to attract love

Ruby is considered the stone of passion. It is a gem that is used to make love enter your life in a passionate way. This gem is the symbol of the heart that will attract positive emotions, emotional balance and keep your sadness and fears away. It is also used for stimulating the power of the mind, so it will be in harmony with the cosmos and help attract positive feelings into your world.

The ruby also helps in making decisions, so it is very useful to be able to determine whether the love you have attracted is worthwhile or it is better to let it go. It is a symbol of resolute people, so you will see this stone used as an accessory of archbishops, kings (in the crowns) or popes (in the rings).

To take advantage of these powers relating to the world of feelings, you will need to wear an amulet that contains just a ruby every day. You can also choose to keep it somewhere in your house, especially in the bedroom when you sleep, because that is when you are in a meditative state. Another option is to use it in meditation, holding it very tightly in your hands or holding it against your chest.

The Best Gemstones to Attract Love - Ruby to attract love

Attract love with red agate

The red agate stone is used to maintain the flame of passion in your life, whether or not you have a partner. It is used to spark passion in couples who are already established, and it is a perfect talisman for amorous moments.

But beyond the purely loving sense, this gem is also used to keep the passion for life, work, new projects etc. It is one of the best gems for maintaining vitality, the thrill of living and eschewing negative thoughts from your mind. You will attract passion in the broadest sense of the word with red agate.

To attract your love with this stone, just make it a part of your daily life; for example, you can make an amulet or wear jewellery that contains it or keep it somewhere in the house. As with the others, you can also choose to meditate with this stone on the heart chakra and visualise the love you're looking for.

The Best Gemstones to Attract Love - Attract love with red agate

Amethyst for a happy relationship

If you're tired of tumultuous and toxic relationships and want to find love with a calm and balanced person, then amethyst is your best choice. This gemstone will bring peace and total balance in your love life and will help those with cold hearts open. This is also one of the best gemstones for Sagittarius.

The Best Gemstones to Attract Love - Amethyst for a happy relationship

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The Best Gemstones to Attract Love