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The Best Gemstones for Pisces

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 4, 2018
The Best Gemstones for Pisces

Are you born under the influence of Pisces? Do you want to know what the best gemstones for your Zodiac sign are? The truth is that there are many and varied gems that are recommended for this water sign; however, some stand out over the rest.

The best gemstones for Pisces are:

  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Topaz
  • Turquoise
  • Agate
  • Fluorite
  • Blue Sapphire

Remember that most Pisces are very sensitive and tend to be emotional, so your precious stones will be closely related to this feature. So, if you want to know more about the best gemstones for Pisces, keep reading this oneHOWTO article and tell us you thoughts.

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  1. Amethyst for Pisces
  2. Aquamarine for Pisces
  3. Topaz for Pisces
  4. Turquoise for Pisces
  5. Agate
  6. Fluorite
  7. Blue Sapphire

Amethyst for Pisces

One of the stones for those born under the Pisces sign is amethyst, a variety of quartz that has many properties and is considered semiprecious due to the rarity of its components. This is one of the best known gemstones for this zodiac sign and it is no wonder. The fact that Pisces is ruled by Neptune means that this sign is prone to escaping their obligations and realities. This stone will keep Pisces on the right track.

This deep violet gem is closely related to spirituality and, as Pisces usually place emotion over rationality, you could use it to obtain mental balance. Thus, amethyst can help control emotional impulses and control passions, especially when making important decisions that require meditation and reflection. This is a stone that will help Pisces grow emotionally and keep them down to earth so they can learn from their surroundings and be mindful. This stone is also pretty useful for the times when this water sign is feeling stressed out and needs to get rid of tension.

The Best Gemstones for Pisces - Amethyst for Pisces

Aquamarine for Pisces

Obviously, this stone is named after its color, and in turn is directly related to the zodiac sign of water. Aquamarine has much to do with romance because it evokes Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, as she emerges from seawater.

It is thus directly related to those born under Pisces, who tend to be passionate and romantic people. As in the previous case, aquamarine gives those born under way this sign to make decisions sensibly and with greater confidence. This stone also helps to release tension and unblock the body. It will help align mind, body and soul, as it is linked to the throat chakra, helping Pisces finally speak their mind. This is one of Pisces' main birthstones, which is why it will enhance all the positive traits that this zodiac sign has. This may boost your compatibility with signs such as Leo or Sagittarius.

The Best Gemstones for Pisces - Aquamarine for Pisces

Topaz for Pisces

While some may believe that topaz is only blue, the truth is that it is not: this gem may also have other colors like yellow, red, green, etc. This stone also relates to other star signs, not just Pisces. In this case, golden Topaz is the most suitable.

Golden topaz works very well for Pisces who suffer from shyness, helping to combat it, as well as enhancing leadership skills. In turn, this gem is suitable for channeling loving energy, so prevalent in people born between February 19 and March 20. The power chakra will be activated with this gemstone and will boost the chances of earning money as it will increase your will of power and sense of leadership.

You can also take a look at the best gemstones for Gemini.

The Best Gemstones for Pisces - Topaz for Pisces

Turquoise for Pisces

Like all stones suitable for Pisces, turquoise is a gem that helps foster a balance between emotion and rationality, whilst also promoting creativity and attracting love.

It is also great for calming nerves and helping to promote relaxing and calming things down. It is also great for meditation and even for healing emotional scars. Also associated to the throat chakra, which means communicating will be much more easy for this zodiac sign. Wear Turquoise with you when you need the strength to tell someone the truth without any hard feelings.

The Best Gemstones for Pisces - Turquoise for Pisces


Also one of the best gemstones for Aquarius, Agate has a high spiritual value for Pisces, especially blue lace Agate. This stone will help Pisces with their strength and gain some clarity, as it is said that it is the best gemstone to communicate with your 'spirit guide'. This stone is related to the crown chakra, meaning it will help connect with your third eye. Your connection with your most spiritual side is guaranteed when wearing this gemstone.


You can find Fluorite in many colors, although the most useful for Pisces is dark green. This is a useful gemstone for Pisces due to the fact that it will give the wearer energy, especially in times when this zodiac is lacking motivation. This stone is great to get rid of bad thoughts and those moments in which depression or anxiety seems to be creeping up. This gemstone will help open your heart and be more loving when you feel like you are closing up on yourself and will help you reach more reasonable decisions.

Blue Sapphire

The dark blue color of this gemstone will help Pisces reach the subconscious, which is why this gemstone will help Pisces understand themselves very often and the nature of their actions. Blue sapphire will help this zodiac sign reach consciousness, as you would in meditation and feel calm in moments where Pisces feels like a fish out of water or feels excessively nervous.

If Pisces ever feels lost in life, the combination of Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine will be key to get their lives back on track and find some clarity in order to find the right path and choose wisely.

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The Best Gemstones for Pisces