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What Does it Mean to Be Robbed in a Dream

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 6, 2022
What Does it Mean to Be Robbed in a Dream

Are you having a recurring dream in which you are robbed? They can allow for some scary images and uncomfortable feelings which still resonate when you wake. Don't worry, it's not a premonition you are going to get robbed. While it could be trauma from a previous robbery, it is more likely a metaphorical robbing which your subconscious mind conjures during sleep. It can happen whatever age you are, whether you consider yourself a vulnerable person or an impenetrable warrior. oneHOWTO looks into what it means to dream you are robbed so that you can get an idea of what is on your mind.

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You have been robbed

The first reason you may dream of being robbed is for the simple reason you are reliving a past traumatic experience. If you have been robbed, many people experience feelings of helplessness. The lack of control you have in the situation might make you feel as if something has been taken away and we don't just mean your possessions. Our security is incredibly important. It is also a relatively fragile thing. It can be taken away by accidents or it can be taken away by someone else's doing.

Dreaming you are being robbed is an attack to that security. Perhaps you live somewhere you don't feel very safe and it is preying on your mind. Maybe you have suffered an accident and you feel like fate has been cruel to you or you simply have had some bad luck. This all could manifest itself in a dream where you are being robbed.

What Does it Mean to Be Robbed in a Dream -

Emotional robbery

Traumatic experiences aren't always physical. We experience many things in our lives where we feel like something is taken away from us emotionally. If someone close to us has died, then we can suffer great loss. If they are a parent, someone who has looked after us, then you might feel like you have been robbed of the security they have brought. The same goes for a partner. They are someone you have relied on and who has supported you, now they are gone. This can especially be the case if the person has died unexpectedly.

However, it is not just someone dying which can cause us this emotional trauma and lead to us dreaming of being robbed. If we have had a knock in confidence, this equally can be represented as a robbery in our dreams. We may have gone through a humiliating experience or even lost a job. Being robbed in our waking life often leaves us having confidence or self-esteem issues. Being robbed in a dream can be a way to represent that.

Robbery as betrayal

Being robbed often feels like a betrayal. We feel like we have a social pact whereby if we lead our lives accordingly, we should be free of harm. While this isn't how life works, you might dream of being robbed as a sign of some other betrayal. Maybe you have a partner who has cheated on you and you feel the loss of trust which you once had. Maybe you had entrusted someone with a piece of information and they have abused your trust by telling someone else about it.

There are lots of different types of betrayal which may make you dream of being robbed. However, it may not even be that you have lost someone else's trust, but are merely worried about it. If you are worried about your relationship, you might dream of being robbed because you fear you're going to break up. This could be because you are going through a rocky patch or it could be due to low confidence.

What Does it Mean to Be Robbed in a Dream -

What is being stolen from you

One of the most important things to consider when you dream you are being robbed is what is it that is taken away from you. The symbolism of the object is really important in interpreting your dream:


One of the most common things to have stolen from you is money. If the robbery in the dream leaves you without money then it is likely you are having some financial worries. It may be that your resources are currently stretched a little tight. It is also likely you are just going through the normal money issues we all face. Being guaranteed a steady income or having steadfast job security are luxuries not all of us have. Even times when we have a little more money, it doesn't necessarily mean we aren't worried about the future.


If we have food robbed from us, it can have a whole host of meanings, but often it is one about health. Our health can be a precarious thing. One minute we are happy as Larry and the next we are struck with something horrible. This could be anything from the common cold to something much more serious. When they strike, it can have a similar impact as being robbed in terms of losing security. It doesn't mean you are actually unwell, but if you have been ignoring some signs of illness, you should definitely see a doctor.


If you have been robbed of books, perhaps you are worried about some sort of intellectual problem. Maybe you are trying to get into a certain school or college, but are worried you don't have the grades. Maybe you have an intellectual problem which you have been trying to think your way out of, but just haven't been able to crack. Being robbed of books in a dream might represent any number of these issues. Again, however, it might be a problem to do with your confidence issues as we can often feel like we are underachieving.


Having your car stolen is an unfortunately common occurrence. If you dream of you being robbed of your vehicle, it might mean you are worried about the direction in which you are headed in life. Maybe it is to do with your career or perhaps the future of your relationship. Maybe you are about to have children and are worried how becoming a parent is going to affect your life. It could be a more fundamental (but no less difficult) existential issue whereby you feel aimless and lost in life. Maybe you should practice some mindfulness or meditation to get your focus back.

Dreaming of being robbed can have any number of meanings. Have a think about the context of the robbery in your dream and look out for particular signs. How you react to the robbery is also important in your dream. If you are robbed in your dream, but don't seem to react or care, perhaps you are worried about being disconnected from the real events in your life. Engage and be proactive, it might help you bring back the security you feel like is being taken away from you.

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angeline olibruce
i dream that i was being robbed by 2 spanish men i think with mask but all they wanted was food, so hopefully that dont means something bad is going to happen to me
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What Does it Mean to Be Robbed in a Dream