What Does it Mean to Dream of Being Shot?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 6, 2022
What Does it Mean to Dream of Being Shot?

Dreaming of being shot can mean a lot of things, but it is important to remember we cannot predict the future. There are very real concerns around guns, but for many of us a dream where we get short is simply representative of something else in our subconscious mind. It is a stark and violent occurrence, so it makes sense it would make an impression on us. It is also imagery which is used in movies, songs and video games, so the presence of guns is prevalent if we think about it. oneHOWTO helps you work out what it means to be shot in a dream. Doing so can help you determine what concerns you have in your life which may need to be addressed and what is merely a dream.

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Steps to follow:


We are talking about how being shot in a dream is representational for something in our subconscious mind. We want to clarify this difference between a fear of actually getting shot. If you life in an area of civil unrest or a place with high gun deaths[1], then it is always possible (perhaps even likely) your dream of getting shot represents a fear of this happening to you. If you are involved in criminal activity or have had a past traumatic experience around guns, then there is probably good reason for your fear. Fixing these social problems is not a task an article like this is able to complete, but if you have some trauma over gun violence, seeking help from a related professional is recommended.


Being shot at home in a dream

If you feel like your dream of getting shot is merely representational of some emotional concern, then it is important to look at the other aspects of the dream. The geographical location in which you were shot can be important. If you are shot while at home in your dream, this can mean many things. One major concern is that of security.

Perhaps you have been watching too much Fox News or listening to the opinions of paranoid friends about the state of the world. Your own circumstances at the time of the dream is also very important. If you have just welcomed a new child into the family, then it is understandable their safety will be on your mind. If you are shot in the dream, it could be a sign you worry about their future security.

Worrying about your family's security doesn't necessarily mean physical safety, you might equally be concerned about finance. If you have been demoted at work, lost some possible opportunities or have simply been spending beyond your means, then you will understandably be concerned. Being shot in your dream may simply be a manifestation for this.

Being shot at home might also mean you are worried about your romantic stability. Maybe you have committed an infidelity or are worried your partner might have done so. If home is where the heart is then being shot at home could imply you are worried your heart is under threat. Opening up lines of communication and addressing domestic issues can help you understand why you might be having these dreams.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Being Shot? - Step 2

Being shot while at war in a dream

It is an obvious understatement to say war is a terrible circumstance, but in your dreams it might mean something less obvious. Also, it depends how you react to getting shot at war.

War is a melange of fighting, nowhere feels safe and there is a constant fear. Perhaps you are having personal problems which are making you feel emotionally similar. Your work might be particularly stressful, your love life in disarray, your family causing trouble and/or many of the daily issues which can get us down. Perhaps you are good at covering up these issues, but have an underlying stress you are not addressing. This can be worrying as we need to vent our emotions to stop them from damaging us. Dreaming of being shot at war doesn't necessarily mean this is the case, but it is unlikely having some self-reflection will cause damage and it could be very helpful.

If you are at war in your home country in the dream, then you may be worried about issues close to home. However, if you are in a foreign place, perhaps one you don't recognize, maybe you are worried about the unfamiliar. Are there changes happening in your life? Maybe you are shot somewhere you don't know how to navigate and feel helpless. This could mean that you are doing something which is different or are having new experiences which make you uncomfortable. Perseverance and a greater understanding can help you know whether or not you are in over your head.


Being shot from behind in a dream

Being shot from behind is known as a cowardly act. It shows the person doing the shooting isn't (likely to be) under threat and therefore is acting out of fear. They might also be conniving and sneaking up on you in the dream to shoot you. Being stabbed in the back is a euphemism for something betraying you and the same can go for being shot.

Are you worried about a friend who you fear may no longer be trustworthy, if they ever were to begin with? If so, it's possible this fear is showing up in your dream in the form of being shot from behind. It may not be an individual person either. Anything you put your trust in (family, religion, country, academic institution, celebrity, etc.) can let you down, so being shot in the back in your dream might be a manifestation of this worry.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Being Shot? - Step 4

Being shot in the heart in a dream

There are many places in your body you can be shot. If your dream shows you being shot in the heart, then this is a common theme in classical and popular mythology. Cupid shot his arrows into the hearts of lovers to join them. When we break up with someone, it can physically manifest itself as a pain in the heart. If you dream of being shot with an arrow, gun or Nerf ball in the heart, then you may have experienced or worry about experiencing romantic heartache.

Have a think about your love life. Is it going well? If it is, we humans are quite terrible at letting ourselves enjoy things, so perhaps you are simply thinking things are too good to be true. Are you questioning your relationship? Especially if you have experienced heartbreak before, being shot in the heart in your dream might be subconscious reminisces of this painful time. Have you recently broken up with someone? If so, this dream interpretation should be a no brainer.


You are the one doing the shooting in the dream

If you are dreaming of yourself shooting people in the dream, it can mean just about anything. It will specifically depend on who you are shooting. If it is someone specific, then the dream is probably about some issue between you. Maybe there is some conflict between you which you want to be over. While you may never shoot this person in actuality, your dream may be telling you things are getting desperate and a resolution is needed.

It may be there is no seeming problem between the two of you when you shoot them in a dream. On the contrary, you may feel great love between you. It could be you are so loving toward them, your dream means you are worried something you will do will mess it up.

You may also be killing strangers in your dream. If this is the case, then you might need to check yourself. Maybe you have general frustration with things going on in your life and you fear you might be taking it out on others. Have you recently been more testy with fellow subway passengers? Do you bicker with those close to you more than usual? You might need to assess what these frustrations might be.

If you are dreaming of shooting yourself, then this might be something worrying. If you have been particularly depressed recently, then maybe you are worried things are getting on top of you. With clinical depression, having suicidal thoughts is something you need to address. Seeking advice and guidance from a mental health professional is the best way to do so successfully. However, the imagery of your dream might just be that, so if you don't otherwise feel depressed, then it is likely simply an image brought to you by your mind. It is always best to talk these things out regardless.

Of course there is one other reason you might be dreaming of shooting people in your dream. You have simply been playing too much Call of Duty before bedtime.

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willow smith
It means your with people who you are in disagreement with..who oppose you ..who you think are more advanced than you are who will ruined you or define you as inferior in real life..somehow your goal is going to be destroyed by them....it's social...it might be literal..too.as in you fear death...and might get shot..but it's contextual...out of context...the details around the gun might change what the dream means. ..ll
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What Does it Mean to Dream of Being Shot?