How to Identify a Fake Friend

By Mary Smith. Updated: August 11, 2017
How to Identify a Fake Friend
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Many people have problems to detect when someone's intentions are sincere or not, leading to them often ending up disappointed with the world around them as they discover that many fake people move encouraged by their own self interest. Friendship is not built easily and it requires a lot of respect and affection to accept others as they are and to love them in spite of everything. If things are not like this then what is the purpose? In oneHOWTO we give you the keys so you know how to identify a fake friend and get him or her out of your life, as it is better to be alone than in bad company.

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Steps to follow:

Creating a solid friendship takes a long time, when someone overnight aims to be your closest friend you should view them with caution. As is the case of intimacy, trust and respect are earned slowly and not given away. Fake people tend to act as if they were your friends the minute you meet them, so be aware!


One of the easiest ways to identify a fake friend is to notice when they appear in your life: if you are well, happy, living a good moment they will be there for you to share in your laughter and fun, but when you have a problem, when the situation does not look so encouraging, this 'friend' simply disappears. Fake people just want to be present in the good times.

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A false friend is one who is opinionated about your life (whether personal or professional) with an ill intention. They will not miss a chance to highlight your mistakes, tell you that you have failed and make you feel bad; this is because somehow they will rejoice in your failures. Fake people on care about themselves, which is why they may benefit from either praising you or making you look like dirt in front of others.


A good friend tells you what they think about you to your face and not talk behind your back. If you know that this person lives criticizing you to others but has never had the courage to tell you these things to your face we can guarantee that this person is not good company.

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Friendship implies respect, if a person constantly puts you down and makes you feel bad, they do not respect your opinions or decisions they are not a good friend or even good company for partying, so the best approach is to limit contact with them.


Also avoid giving space to other negative personalities which constantly see the bad side of everything that you do, fake people are envious and want to have what you have and gnaw at your success or people who are intrusive and do nothing but stick their nose into your affairs without you asking them.


If your friend is making you feel guilty because you don't hang out any more, or expects you to drop everything else because he or she needs something in particular, then you are probably dealing with a false friend.


Pay attention to your intuition, we often suspect that someone is not a good person and therefore a bad friend but we lack the courage to end the relationship. If you think that someone is of no benefit to you and it would be better if there were some distance between you then avoid becoming close to that person. Fake people will usually come begging for attention, so be weary of them if you notice they want to approach you for strange reasons that don't match.

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How to Identify a Fake Friend
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How to Identify a Fake Friend

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