How to Tell Your Parents You Don't Believe in Religion

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: November 6, 2019
How to Tell Your Parents You Don't Believe in Religion

There is an extensive number of religions coexisting in the world that provide a set of beliefs, symbols and cultural views over which people have placed their faith on. Some of the most well known religions are Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. All of these religions believe in the existence of a superhuman power often referred to as God. However, many people don’t believe in religion and call themselves atheists. It can be hard to tell your loved ones that you don’t believe in God especially if religion runs deep down in your family.

In this OneHowTo article we share some helpful advice on How to Tell Your Parents You Don’t Believe in Religion.

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Steps to follow:


Before you tell your parents you don't believe in religion, you must be sure that you have placed extensive thought on why you don’t identify with your family’s religion. An atheist doesn’t believe in any kind of superhuman but perhaps you realize that it might be another religion that better meets your beliefs and culture systems. Consider exploring other religions first.

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How to Tell Your Parents You Don't Believe in Religion - Step 1

Secondly, you must educate yourself in atheism so that you can fully support your argument for not believing in religion. There are some people that take a more cautionary stance and call themselves agnostics. This means that they don’t necessarily rule out the existence of a superhuman but they can’t certify that God exists. They believe that there isn’t certainty in the existence of God.


Religion is a delicate topic and thus you must work yourself slowly to the announcement. Perhaps you can confide in a dear friend or a family member that you think may help you in approaching your parents. Perhaps these people are also atheists and will be able to support your decision when you finally tell your parents.

How to Tell Your Parents You Don't Believe in Religion - Step 3

Find an appropriate time to tell your parents and make sure you avoid specific religious dates. Also, find a comfortable place such as your home or a location that may provide a sense of peace and relaxation. Don’t make the announcement in crowded areas.


When you are approaching your parents, ask that they listen first before speaking. You want to avoid them over-reacting before thinking through your comments. Highlight that you are coming from a point of love, appreciation and gratitude and that you aren’t criticizing them. Above all, remain relaxed and confident.


Once you have made the announcement it is best to allow some time for your parents to evaluate your decision. You can sit down with them after a little while to answer any questions that they may have or thoughts that may be still lingering in their minds. Also, don’t make radical changes and let them know that you will be transitioning slowly out of religious events.

How to Tell Your Parents You Don't Believe in Religion - Step 6

If you choose to be an atheist it doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in family gatherings and rituals. At first your may encounter obstacles but remember that different religions can coexist in the same world, you just need to find a common ground.

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How to Tell Your Parents You Don't Believe in Religion