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What Does it Mean to Dream About Cockroaches

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: November 30, 2017
What Does it Mean to Dream About Cockroaches

In general, humans don't like cockroaches. There are some species which can be kept as pets, but the unwelcome ones we see in our kitchen walking past all of our previously hygienic food can get us all grossed out. There's a reason you see bug spray cans depicting cockroaches getting zapped. You don't often see the same with a butterfly or ladybird. Cockroaches have a cultural cache which somehow have made them our enemy. It is possible because they are in insect which commonly invade our homes. It is also common for them to invade our dreams. Identifying what it means to dream about cockroaches can help us know if we are just scared about bugs or if something else might be bothering us. oneHOWTO helps you to work it out.

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When we dream of cockroaches, it might be easy to overlook the obvious. They are sometimes referred to as creepy crawlies. This is because they are creatures which crawl and creep us out. This 'creepy' feeling is one which makes us feel like we are going to be attacked, infected or simply feel the sensation of a gross critter on our person. If we dream about cockroaches, it is possible you are worried about... cockroaches.

Do you have any cockroaches in your kitchen or, worse, in your bedroom? Have you maybe seen one out of the corner of your eye, but aren't quite sure? If you have a phobia of cockroaches, it is understandable. We as a society have been 'programmed to fear' them since Ancient times. There are even reports of Ancient Egyptians casting spells to drive them out of their homes[1]. So, if you have a dream about cockroaches, it could simply be that you are worried about an infestation.


While we may simply be worried about cockroaches in our house, the kind of creeping fear they elicit can also be about something else. As cockroaches are so associated with dirt, we often think of them as carrying disease. If you are dreaming about cockroaches, it could be that you are unsure about some sort of health problem. Have you been feeling under the weather of late? Do you have hypochondriac tendencies? If so, you might want to go to the doctor to ensure it is all in your head.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Cockroaches - Step 2

The fear cockroaches elicit can also be your subconscious mind relaying a fear about almost anything. As we get on with our lives we have experiences, some we remember, some we don't. These experiences can have an effect on us even if we don't realize. Cockroaches in our dreams might be some of these experiences 'coming out of the woodwork', so to speak. Maintaining good mental health is not easy and it's made particularly hard by the fact we don't always know what the problem is in the first place.

If you have recurring dreams about cockroaches, but can't work out what they signify, you should maybe speak to someone about unresolved problems. It doesn't mean you are abnormal or there is a value judgement against yourself. It just means your subconscious is trying to notify you something is up and needs resolved. It could be something small or it could be life changing, but this article is only here to suggest possibilities. Speaking to a mental health care professional will help you get a better idea.


If we see cockroaches in our house, the first thing we might think is, 'this place needs a clean'. The same can happen when we dream of cockroaches. Maybe our mental life is a little in disorder. A relationship might have ended, work stability is a little up in the air or you just generally aren't looking after yourself as you should. All these and more can lead to a feeling of being a little messed up.

Cockroaches appearing in your dreams might just be a way your mind is telling you to get things ship shape again. Do things which make you feel positive and don't fill your life with detrimental clutter. It might also be a simple matter of rearranging things. If you financial troubles you can consolidate your debts, spend less or downsize until you're back on track.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Cockroaches - Step 4

Cockroaches can also be a way for our minds to tell us of obstacles or risks ahead. They can be difficult and nasty to try to get rid of in our kitchen and the same can go for our minds. If we are facing certain challenges up ahead, then it is understandable our dreams might be highlighting them for us.

The thing about dreaming of cockroaches and not other insects or animals, is that, like rats, they often appear in numbers. This means the problem or obstacle you might be facing is complicated or multifaceted. There are different parts of the issue which need to be addressed systematically. This is why when you dream about cockroaches, the amount of insects can be telling of what the dream might mean.

If you see one or two cockroaches in your dream, you may be worried about something you thought was insignificant. But if you dream about a lot of cockroaches, then it could be that you are the one who feels insignificant against them.


How you behave in the dream about cockroaches is also important. If you dream about cockroaches and they start to infest your dreamspace, it can be a representation of some problem in your life which has started to affect it. If you do nothing about this infestation in the dream, perhaps your subconscious is trying to tell you that you need to be more proactive about issues you may be facing.

If you do start to attack the cockroaches in your dream, but find that they keep coming and you are never able to destroy them, perhaps you are worried that your problem is insurmountable. If you can't eradicate the bugs in your dream you can't do the same to your problems in your life. This can be tricky, but it is important to remember - just because our subconscious tells us something doesn't mean it is correct. We often tell ourselves we are inadequate when we are just as capable as anyone else.

If we do manage to kill all the cockroaches in our dream, then we might simply be looking forward to the time when we do get over our problems. Or maybe our dream state is rewarding us with a challenge overcome.

It is important to remember there are lots we can do if we think our dreams are highlighting issues for us. Speaking with trusted and reliable friends is a good start. If the problems are very serious, speaking to a mental health professional is maybe necessary.

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The roaches were in my sisters house and she would not do anything to get rid if them. What could this represent?
I found it wierd that you put pigeons and rats down, yet cockroaches are filthy vermin that spread disease, and nothing is uttered.
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What Does it Mean to Dream About Cockroaches